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Breaking Bad for North Shore’s 18 year old Carly Rousso: hit yesterday with a Six Count Huffing Felony Indictment

Carly Rousso- Mauled at Sweet 16  Carly Rousso, two years ago, or so, was a Highland Park Sweet Sixteen with a promising future ahead of her. Then, she got mauled by a pit bull and was scarred physically and emotionally. Carly faced taunting from her peers– perhaps because of her scars. Kids will be Kids.... Read more »

Indictment of 18 year old Carly Rousso imminent for causing the death of Highland Park's five year old Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento.

The Grand Jury, convened in the matter of the death of Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento on Labor Day, which occurred exactly thirty days ago, is likely to vote today, or soon thereafter, to issue a five count, or so, felony indictment of Carly Rousso, for allegedly killing Jaclyn by crashing into her with her family’s 2003 Lexis,... Read more »