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Can a free market approach help Governor-Elect Rauner solve Illinois' fiscal and economic problems? Watch Public Policy/Politics wonk John Tillman with Berkowitz, Web and Cable

Tonight’s Chicago Metro north and northwest suburban episode of Public Affairs features John Tillman, CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute.  The show airs in 24 north and northwest suburbs at 8:30 pm on Comcast Cable Ch. 19 or 35 (See, below, for the airing channel for each of the 24 suburbs).      Most of the show... Read more »

The contrasting views of the BGA's Andy Shaw (tonight) and the Policy Institute's John Tillman (Next Monday night): Berkowitz teases the answers out of Shaw and Tillman: What should Gov. Elect Rauner do?

Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner is the primary focus of Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs, featuring guest Andy Shaw (Better Government Association’s CEO and previously ABC-7′s long time political correspondent) interviewed by show host Jeff Berkowitz. The show airs throughout the City at 8:30 pm and again at midnight on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV]... Read more »

BGA's Shaw advises Rauner to pick a balanced team of budget advisers; Really? asks Berkowitz after the show; Cable and web

Tonight’s Chicago Metro north and northwest suburban episode of Public Affairs features Andy Shaw, President and CEO of the Better Government  Association [BGA], discussing with show host Jeff Berkowitz how Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner can start getting his arms around the state’s spending and revenue  issues. The show with the BGA’s Shaw airs tonight at 8:30 pm... Read more »

Governor Quinn: Fighting for unions and against moms and the severely disabled? Watch Public Affairs, Cable and Web

Paul Kersey debates and discusses tonight with show host Jeff Berkowitz, on the City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs,” the issues raised by mom Pam Harris’ lawsuit against Gov. Quinn. The show airs throughout the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV]. Kersey is the Director of Labor Policy at the Illinois... Read more »

Better than Tomorrow morning's Union League of Chicago's sponsored Republican Primary Gov Forum, Berkowitz w/Policy Institute's Ted Dabrowski on Charter Schools, Cable and Web

Ted Dabrowski: … I think the big thing about charter schools which [Professor] Tozer [UIC] gets absolutely wrong is that’s the beauty of charter schools… they bring a different approach about how to learn… and that’s what consumers want… Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Ted Dabrowski, VP, Policy,... Read more »

Better than Chicago Tonight's/Mikva Challenge Republican Primary Gov candidate forum: Berkowitz w/Policy Institute's Dabrowski on Charter Schools/vouchers, Cable and Web

Ted Dabrowski: In the end…the families need to have …school vouchers…because, if not, what we have is a monopoly. Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs,” features Ted Dabrowski, VP, Policy at the free market, liberty oriented Illinois Policy Institute, based in Chicago and Springfield, IL The program airs throughout the City of Chicago at... Read more »

Better than the Super Bowl and Downton Abbey: Berkowitz w/Chicago Tribune Editorial Writer Kristen McQueary, Web and Cable

Jeff Berkowitz: …So, [the Chicago Tribune] went with political expediency over what you know in your heart is right. Kristen McQueary: No, no, no. We went with the best decision for the state…And, we said- vote yes on this [Pension] bill and then keep working toward a solution. Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban... Read more »

Testicular fortitude anyone? Illinois takes the measure of 2014 Republican Primary Gov candidates Brady, Dillard, Rauner and Rutherford in the next few days; A budding JFK amongst them?

This coming Tuesday’s vote in Springfield on the state employee pension reform bill supported by Governor Quinn and the Four Tops (Speaker Madigan, Senate President Cullerton, Republican House Leader Durkin and Republican Senate Leader Radogno) is perhaps the most significant Illinois fiscal vote since the revised state employee pension payment schedule adopted in the Edgar... Read more »

Better than Monday night football: Berkowitz w/Treasurer Neely on Stop and Frisk, COLAs etc. Cable/Web

Should Stephanie Neely, Chicago City Treasurer, be picked to run for Lt. Gov. on the ticket with Gov. Pat Quinn, as he runs across the state for re-election to his second full term.  Could African-American Neely bolster Quinn’s strength with the African-American electorate in both the primary and the general elections? Could Treasurer Neely do... Read more »

Better than tonight's Hawks- Bruins' Hockey playoff game: Berkowitz w/Sen. Noland on Quinn v. Daley, cable/web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features State Senator Mike Noland (D-Elgin) and his thoughts, specifically and in general, about state employee, university, city college and K-12  non-CPS public school employee teacher pension reform, Gov. Pat Quinn’s 2014 campaign for re-election and especially how Pat Quinn stacks up relative to his only Democratic... Read more »