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The Laquan McDonald case: What did State's Attorney Alvarez learn on Day 400 that she did not know on day 40

—Alvarez’s prep for the State’s Attorney job The State’s Attorney office is similar to a nine hundred attorney law firm, handling a myriad of civil and criminal matters. But the glory and guts of the Cook County State’s Attorney office is in prosecuting hard core rapists, gangbangers, murderers and worse.  State’s attorney Alvarez mastered the... Read more »

Better than Notre Dame v. Stanford: Berkowitz w/ Family-Pac's Caprio around the State of Illinois, Cable and Web

Paul Caprio: …Listen, nobody has gone out and said, you have to make pro-life the No. 1 issue of your campaign… Paul Caprio: …Those issues [State employee pension reform, Medicaid reform and Education reform-School vouchers/school choice] are the driving force issues. However, those issues alone do not…  You can watch the Public Affairs show with... Read more »

Better than Eastwood’s, Rubio’s and Romney’s speech tonight: Berkowitz w/ Senate Candidate Dr. Arie Friedman on Cable/Web

Dr. Arie Friedman (R-Highland Park; Senate Candidate): …The question people ask me most often:  How are you going to fix the pensions? ****************************************************** Jeff Berkowitz: Does [Julie Morrison, your opponent] go along with the unions and say the [pensions] should just get more money, more [tax] revenue [to solve the pension issue]? Dr. Arie Friedman... Read more »

Watch Illinois Policy Institute's Tillman on Cable/Web: Obama, Gas Prices, School Choice, Milton Friedman, Adam Smith, the Wealth of Nations and oh, so much more.

Is the Illinois Policy Institute (liberty and free market based), reinvigorated in the last few years under the leadership of its CEO, John Tillman, now one of the two most influential public policy think tanks in Illinois? The answer has to be “Yes, it is.”  Major events hosted by the Illinois Policy Institute in the... Read more »