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New IL political power triumvirate: Rauner, Tillman and Proft; Rauner and 4 Tops meet-up

Video links [Rauner, Tillman and Proft] added on Sunday, 12:20 pm Gov. Rauner is of course the Quarterback of this new triad, leading the charge with his vast wealth, estimated to be in excess of a billion dollars in net worth... ************** Gov. Rauner held a press conference yesterday for the first time in about... Read more »

Governor Rauner concedes IL on a FY 2017 $8 billion budget deficit glidepath

Gov. Rauner: The deficit is the result of years of out of control spending… and court-ordered and statutory spending, which have locked in higher spending levels. Comptroller  Munger: I think absolutely we have to look at some combination [of tax increases, spending cuts and reforms]… –The feel good June 30 agreement between the Speaker, Governor... Read more »

What do Gov. Rauner and Speaker Madigan really want to resolve the IL state budget impasse? Watch Leader Durkin w/Berkowitz on Cable/Web

Jim Durkin: …All I am saying is I want to see reforms first, the Governor wants to see reforms– because- the Democrats- … want a tax increase with no strings attached. … Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs,” features Republican State House Leader Jim Durkin.   The show airs throughout the City of Chicqgo... Read more »

Understanding Gov. Rauner's Turnaround Agenda and the State Budget Impasse: Berkowitz w/WIND 560 AM Radio's Dan Proft, Cable/web

[Post revised on Tuesday at 10:40 am ] Dan Proft: …The conversation we should be having is about re-thinking how and where we  spend 85% of Illinois’ state government cash… Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Dan Proft, WIND 560 AM Radio Morning co-anchor (5 to 9 am).  The show w/Proft airs throughout... Read more »

Better than Chris Wallace w/Barack Obama: Berkowitz w/ Gov. Jim Edgar and Gov wannabees Kirk Dillard and Bruce Rauner

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features the contrast of the Republican Governor of Illinois in the 1990s, Jim Edgar with Bruce Rauner, the Republican nominee for Governor this year and Senator Dillard, the man who came within three points of blocking Rauner from being the nominee of their Party. You can also... Read more »