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Berkowitz debates w Robling: Can IL Rs come back from near death by opposing Pritzker's tax & spend? Cable & Web

Robling argues that Pritzker and Democrats are the party of high property taxes—and that is robbing most Illinois citizens of the equity in their homes, Robling says IL R legislators can beat Pritzker by offering lower taxes, fewer regulations & more economic growth/private sector jobs. 32 yr old law school student & Deputy Gov. Christian... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w Robling: Can IL GOP arise from dead via Ken Griffin? Gov. Pritzker grossly overpaying Sr. Staff? Cable & Web

Bruce Rauner managed to drive IL GOP into toilet while spending hundreds of millions getting elected and UNELECTED!! … Rauner lying to the Cardinal surely a mortal sin! 32 yr old law school student & Deputy Gov. Christian Mitchell a 278K/yr Exec., as Pritzker contends? Pritzker take us all for a Ship of FOOLS? IL... Read more »