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Watch Berkowitz w Truth in Accounting's Bergman on IL's & Chicago's fiscal disasters: Cable & Web

Tonight’s Rockford edition of Public Affairs features Bill Bergman, a three decade expert in private and public sector finance and financial issues, and currently Director of Research at Truth in Accounting.  Bergman discusses the financial mess that characterizes the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois.  You can watch the program with Bergman by... Read more »

Berkowitz w modern American woman State Rep. Candidate Biela on how to cut property & IL income taxes, Cable & Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features State Rep. Candidate Amanda Biela (R-Edgebrook), who is challenging 14 year Democrat incumbent, John D’Amico, in the 15th State House District. The show airs throughout the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 [CAN TV]. This is show 2 of a... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz &Dabrowski: Establishment & Ted differ on cause & cure of IL Gov Pension implosion: Cable & Web

Tonight’s Chicago metro edition of Public Affairs, featuring Ted Dabrowski, President, Wirepoints. Com, airs at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 19 or 35 in 24 North or Northwest suburbs.  For a detailed airing schedule by suburb, please see below. You can also watch 24/7 the show featuring Wirepoints’ Ted Dabrowski, below, on the IL Gov... Read more »

Will Pritzker's progressive income tax & other taxes play in Peoria? Watch Berkowitz w/Kolber:Cable/Web

Tonight’s Rockford and this coming Saturday’s & Monday’s Aurora edition of Public Affairs features Vince Kolber, Founder and Chairman of Residco, discussing with show host Jeff Berkowitz  key current fiscal problems of Illinois relative to the other states and how they might be about to get worse. The show makes use of analyses relating to... Read more »

Watch McQueary pick JB Pritzker, Emanuel and Vallas as the winners, Cable & Web

Kristen McQueary [Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Member]: … I think Paul Vallas will put Rahm in a run-off for sure. ********* Berkowitz:  So, you said Gov. Rauner doesn’t even get 90% of the Ives’ Republican Primary voters to vote for him. Say… 20% of those 340,000 voters stay home… I mean, possibly… 60, 000… Republicans... Read more »

Gov. Rauner's one chance to beat JB Pritzker in the Fall Governor's race? Watch Berkowitz w/Robling to find out what it is, Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: … Chris, I will tell you, in the last five minutes of tonight’s show, how Rauner can beat Pritzker in the Governor’s race… Chris Robling [pundit]:…What we are talking about is an irreparably broken relationship between Rauner and the base of the State GOP, which will surely cause Pritzker to win… ******* Tonight’s... Read more »

You give us 90 seconds? We give you, in 90 second videos, what you need to know for your IL Governor vote

Missed this week’s Public Affairs, not to worry, you can watch 24/7 the show with Republican Party Gubernatorial challenger Jeanne Ives  (22 minutes) and  Berkowitz’s commentary on the Dem Gov Primary and Fall Gov general election (7  minutes) by clicking here. Only have nine minutes or maybe just a minute to find out what’s going... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/Jeanne Ives on Rauner's historic lies and Berkowitz on the Dem Gov Primary: Cable & Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago, Chicago Metro suburban, Evanston and Aurora editions of Public Affairs features State Rep. and Republican Primary gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives discussing the key Republican Primary issues with show host Berkowitz. These issues include blatant lying of historic proportions by Gov. Rauner, which even the mainstream media e.g., Kass and Hinz have... Read more »

Conversing w/ Gov. Rauner about winning his Primary, unifying the R Party & fixing the Quincy Vets’ Home

Jeff Berkowitz: How do you put the conservative base back together again… Gov. Rauner: …This election is really not about Democrats vs. Republicans. It is about the people against a corrupt, broken system ****** Jeff Berkowitz: So, how much does it cost [To fix the Quincy Vets’ Home problem]? Gov. Rauner: When you say it,... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/Caprio on Rauner Revolution, IL Policy Institute & Republican State House turncoats, Cable and Web

The Revolution promised by Rauner in 2014 failed in 2017 due to a “Sell out” by many Republican  “Benedict Arnolds,” like Rep. David Harris (R-Arlington Heights) in early July, 2017 After the fiasco with John Tillman’s Illinois Policy Institute in July, Rauner seems to have given up on a second stab at Revolution- and lately... Read more »