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Watch R Gov candidate Ives discuss w/Berkowitz elimination of the IL Corporate income tax & speak to City Club of Chicago, cable & web

Text revised and pics and links to videos added at 7:30 am on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 R Gov Candidate Jeanne Ives: I would …work towards eliminating completely the corporate tax…That would give a big show… that we are serious about job creations. Tonight’s north and northwest Chicago suburban edition of Public Affairs features a... Read more »

Better than an Obama bug on a Rauner/Madigan negotiation: Berkowitz w/workers' comp/trial lawyer Matt Belcher,Cable/Web

Matt Belcher: What [Republican House Leader Durkin] wants to do is to say that anybody who is middle aged or has any sort of pre-existing degenerative condition no longer gets workers’ compensation. Jeff Berkowitz: Can that really be true? What’s next on Public Affairs? Berkowitz mediating a discussion and resolution of the workers comp. reform... Read more »

Better than a Clinton-Biden debate on wiping Hillary's server clean: Berkowitz w/David Melton on a Madigan-Rauner deal, Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: …So, the [IL House] Speaker controls 71 [out of 118 total ] votes in the State House, right? David Melton: Well, the Speaker [Mike Madigan] has 71 people in his [Democratic Party] Caucus, I’m not sure if he controls 71 votes  Berkowitz: Well, everybody but Jack Franks and whose the guy? Scott Drury…[cont.... Read more »

Better than Carol Marin on the Hastert Arraignment: Berkowitz w/State Rep. Morrison on fixing the Fiscal 2016 budget deficit

Tonight’s Chicago  Metro suburban edition of  of Public Affairs features State Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) in Part 2 of our two part series on fixing the IL budget. You can also watch, 24/7, Part 2 of the Public Affairs discussion with Rep. Morrision by clicking here.  In sharp contrast to typical 15 minute Chicago Tonight panel discussions... Read more »