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Watch tonight in Chicago, Metro N & NW Suburbs & on Cable, Berkowitz & Martin w cameos by Jason Riley, Shelby Steele, Ted Dabrowski, Paul Vallas & Rep. Welch on City, IL & Nat'l public policy issues

Watch Jeff Berkowitz and Terry Martin, Executive Director of the Illinois Channel discuss tonight in Chicago and in the Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburbs some of the key City, State and National Public Policy issues. The half hour show, taped on June 19, airs tonight in Chicago at 9:46 pm on Cable Ch. 21... Read more »

Watch Wirepoints' Ted Dabrowski predict on March 19 that it would have been better not to shut down the IL economy, Cable & Web

Ted Dabrowski: At what point is the human & economic toll of shutting down America greater than the human toll of the virus itself. If Governor Pritzker had done what Ted Dabrowski recommended on March 19 (when tonight’s show was taped), that is, concentrated on protecting the elderly, especially those in nursing homes, could as... Read more »

I have a dream: IPI's Dabrowski engages WTTW's Schutz about a no tax increase solution to the IL Budget crisis, Web/Cable

WTTW’s Paris Schutz said, “[The 2011 IL income tax increase] should have never been temporary,” agreeing with liberal John McCarron that the temporary nature of the 2011 tax boost “Was what got us into this crash in the first place.” Since Public TV is supposed to be balanced, you might have thought sometime, somebody at... Read more »

Watch the IL Policy Institute's Dabrowski w/Berkowitz balance the IL Budget w/o a tax increase, Cable/Web

Berkowitz: You want a zero tax increase, is that right…Nada! Nothing! Ted Dabrowski, VP, Policy, Illinois Policy Institute: I think what we need to understand is that there has been a narrative that there is only one way to fix Illinois and that is through billions of dollars in tax hikes… Dabrowski: [But] what we... Read more »

Better than tomorrow's Presidential Debate: Belcher on Worker's Comp. causation issue, Speaker Madigan's compromise & state's business litigation climate, Cable/Web

What happens, hypothetically speaking, when Speaker Madigan asks a typical plaintiff’s trial lawyer specializing in Worker’s comp. insurance cases to reach a compromise on the causation standard used  to resolve Worker’s compensation lawsuits?  Does Illinois have a bad business litigation climate relative to surrounding states and if so why? Could more charter and voucher school... Read more »

Left Wing "Politics Tonight" w/ Lisnek and Pearson—WTF, WGN’s Lisnek blames the State Budget impasse on Gov. Rauner’s “Social Agenda.”

Left Wing "Politics Tonight" w/ Lisnek and Pearson—WTF, WGN’s Lisnek blames the State Budget impasse on Gov. Rauner’s “Social Agenda.”
Text revised, primarily for syntax, on Saturday at 11:15 pm. Watching left wing Politics Tonight last night [M-F, 5:30 pm and 10 pm, on CLTV, step-child of WGN], it was sad to see that WGN continues to put up with so much left-wing bias from it’s host, Paul Lisnek. –Paul Lisnek, a social and economic... Read more »

Understanding Gov. Rauner's Turnaround Agenda and the State Budget Impasse: Berkowitz w/WIND 560 AM Radio's Dan Proft, Cable/web

[Post revised on Tuesday at 10:40 am ] Dan Proft: …The conversation we should be having is about re-thinking how and where we  spend 85% of Illinois’ state government cash… Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Dan Proft, WIND 560 AM Radio Morning co-anchor (5 to 9 am).  The show w/Proft airs throughout... Read more »

Time for Madigan, Cullerton and Zorn to get real and respond to Rauner's response (via Berkowitz) to Eric Zorn's IL Budget challenge

Link added at 1:50 pm on Thursday to video interview w/ Rep. Morrison about the reform/spending cuts/new revenue Grand Bargain Revised significantly at 3:00 am on Thursday.– …[Y]ou come up with a net savings for the State of $3.1 billion and additional revenue of $700 million –Eric Zorn’s framing of IL State budget issues.  When... Read more »

More informative than Republican Leader Jim Durkin w/Eddie Arruza on Chicago Tonight: Berkowitz w/ State Rep. Tom Morrison (Part 1), Cable and Web

  Tonight’s Chicago  Metro suburban edition of  of Public Affairs features State Rep. Tom Morrison (R-Palatine) in Part 1 of our two part series.  You can also watch the program with Rep. Morrison 24/7 by clicking here.   Tonight’s show is an encore performance of a show taped in early April, 2015.  Nothing has changed in Springfield in... Read more »

A retro interview of Andy Shaw advising Gov Rauner in Nov., 2014: did the BGA's Shaw get it right? Cable tonight/web Forever Young

Tonight’s Chicago Metro north and northwest suburban episode of Public Affairs features Andy Shaw, President and CEO of the Better Government  Association [BGA], discussing with show host Jeff Berkowitz on November 6, 2014 how Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner could have started getting his arms around the state’s spending and revenue  issues.  Did history show Andy Shaw to... Read more »