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Better than Dem Lt. Gov. nominee Scott Lee Cohen's prostitute girl friend appearing with Scott in a Super Bowl halftime show: Berkowitz joins Caprio on Tom Roeser's Sunday night radio show; You won't want to miss this.

After all the Superbowl treats have been eaten and drinks have been drunk on Sunday and there  is a lull in the Superbowl action, don’t despair, you will still have one big treat in store for you on Sunday.  Jeff Berkowitz will join Paul Caprio, Executive Director of Family-Pac and a leading force in the Illinois conservative... Read more »

Gov. Quinn will win by a comfortable margin

In what will be a big surprise to everyone who has been reading the mainstream media in the run-up to Tuesday’s Democratic Gubernatorial Primary, Governor Pat Quinn will beat Comptroller Dan Hynes, winning the election by a margin of four to eight points. The most significant factor in the win will be the African-American vote, which will stick with... Read more »