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Twelve takeaways from last night’s 2016 Democratic Presidential NBC debate in Charleston, SC, including why Bernie won.

Bernie Sanders… emphasized that the real issue in the election is that he wants the equivalent of a political revolution that… would take the power from the moneyed interests… In perhaps the strangest decision during the debate, the moderators chose to spend only about 20 minutes… on foreign policy, terrorism and national security *********************** Nobody... Read more »

Six Hillary Clinton ABC News St. Anselm College, New Hampshire Democratic Party debate themes relevant to the 2016 presidential general election

Jeff Berkowitz: But, Hillary, if the Russians don’t do that and violate the “No Fly Zone,” would you shoot them down?  Yes or no, Hillary. You see, Martha, that’s how you handle Hillary, when she is ducking and dodging.  Be civil and respectful, but firmly demand an answer. That’s why they pay you the big... Read more »

The top ten points to know about President Obama’s speech on the San Bernardino shootings, terrorism and ISIS

…What intelligence was known by the Feds before the shootings about Syed Farook’s and Tashfeen Malik’s possible terrorist inclinations and what, if anything, was done about it.  This might have been the kind of information that Americans were hoping to hear more about from the President last night. If so, they were greatly disappointed. The... Read more »

Frustrated by Charleston, Tribune columnist Huppke throws logic out the window w/his call for more gun control

Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke, in his frustration, abandons logic in yesterday’s column about the tragic killing of nine innocent people in Charleston last Wednesday.  He thinks politicians are being disingenuous in their response to these murders.  Huppke asserts they are shedding “Crocodile tears.” Let’s take a look at the Tribune columnist’s argument and see... Read more »

Better than the Stanley Cup: Watch Berkowitz with Cong. Robert Dold on Cable Tonight

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs,” features Congressman Robert Dold (R-Kenilworth, 10th CD).  The show airs throughout the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 [CAN TV]. Get a somewhat different perspective on the Congressman from what you usually see as he discusses federal spending, taxes, unemployment, economic... Read more »

On the campaign trail with Gov. Pat Quinn: social issues as important as jobs? IL way below the median U. S. unemployment rate?

Gov. Quinn: I think those [social issues the economy and jobs] are all important issues. I don’t think we should divide issues. Every issue counts… This reporter caught up with Gov. Quinn last night at Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant, in the Old Orchard Shopping Center in Skokie, IL.  The Governor had just finished his talk... Read more »

Better than Chicago Tonight on Ferguson shooting: Berkowitz w/State Rep. Christian Mitchell on Violence and Education, Web and Cable

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features State Rep. Christian Mitchell (D- Bronzeville). The show airs throughout the city at 8:30 and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 (CANTV). Rep. Mitchell debates and discusses with show host Jeff Berkowitz whether more needs to be done, and sooner rather than later, by the state legislature... Read more »

Better than Chicago Tonight's panel of CPS Board Member Zopp, et al: Berkowitz w/Bishop Davis on Gay Marriage and real School Choice, Cable and Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz features Bishop Lance Davis of the Zion Covenant Church in south suburban Dalton (Zion Covenant is also in Chatham, Harvey and has a feeding ministry  in West Africa). Bishop Davis is also a leader in the African-American Clergy Coalition (composed of about 45 African-American... Read more »

Better than Monday night Football: Berkowitz w/ 11th Cong. District Republican Primary candidate Ian Bayne, Web and Cable

Jeff Berkowitz: You would repeal all of the federal gun control laws? Ian Bayne (R-Aurora, 11th CD Republican Primary Candidate):  Yes. Jeff Berkowitz: You would allow guns to be regulated, if at all, by the city or the state? Ian Bayne:  Yes. Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs, featuring 11th Cong. Dist. Republican... Read more »

Top 5 reasons why Robin Kelly will replace Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr. in the 2nd CD

5. Kelly was blessed with a very weak field in the 2nd  CD Democratic Primary special election held today.  Although there were fifteen candidates in the Democratic Primary, only three had serious name recognition, organization,  a base and sufficient funds to run a credible race: African-American former State Rep. and 2010 Democratic candidate for State... Read more »