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Watch CEO Gary Rabine on creating a business, job creation, IL Politics and IL's Business Climate, Cable & Web

Jeff Berkowitz: Sell me your product and service, in 30 seconds, what’s your elevator pitch? Gary Rabine[CEO, Rabine Group]: One of the most important things … is how I differentiate myself... So first … we give away … the best engineering we can find in the world when it comes to pavement, stormwater and structural... Read more »

Watch Ditch Digger CEO Rabine on free enterprise, IL Gov't & Politics, IL needed fiscal reforms & IL tax burdens: Cable & Web

Gary Rabine [CEO, Rabine Group]: Gov. Pritzker said to me, “Gary, you built all your businesses here, your family is all here, you’re never gonna go anywhere, I mean, that’s exactly how he said it… and God Bless him, if he really believes that that’s the case, but that can’t be the case, I can’t... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz with Rabine Group CEO Gary Rabine on improving IL's business climate & Gov. Pritzker, Cable and Web

Jeff Berkowitz: You love Illinois, right? Gary Rabine [CEO, Rabine Group]: Love Illinois Berkowitz: But, you might leave. I mean, Pritzker said you guys would never leave. Didn’t he say that? He said: You and your rich friends would never leave Gary Rabine [CEO, Rabine Group]:Pritzker said to me- He goes– “Gary, you built all... Read more »

Watch Ditchdigger CEO Gary Rabine w/Jeff Berkowitz on jobs, innovation, politics and wealth creation: Cable & Web

This evening’s City of Chicago edition  of Public Affairs features  Gary Rabine, ditchdigger CEO of the Rabine Group and life metaphor for Free Enterprise and how capitalism can work to create jobs– when innovation and competition are allowed to operate in a free and dynamic market environment. The half hour program  airs THIS EVENING at... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w Robling: Can IL GOP arise from dead via Ken Griffin? Gov. Pritzker grossly overpaying Sr. Staff? Cable & Web

Bruce Rauner managed to drive IL GOP into toilet while spending hundreds of millions getting elected and UNELECTED!! … Rauner lying to the Cardinal surely a mortal sin! 32 yr old law school student & Deputy Gov. Christian Mitchell a 278K/yr Exec., as Pritzker contends? Pritzker take us all for a Ship of FOOLS? IL... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/Bergman on IL's cancerous pension tumor; Rauner or Pritzker the cure? Cable & Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition  of Public Affairs features  Bill Bergman, a Truth in Accounting expert in public sector financial CANCERS. Bergman discusses Chicago’s and Illinois’ financial mess, which is like a growing tumor. Who made it possible for the tumor to grow?   Well, who made the decision to increase state and city employee and... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w Truth in Accounting's Bergman on IL's & Chicago's fiscal disasters: Cable & Web

Tonight’s Rockford edition of Public Affairs features Bill Bergman, a three decade expert in private and public sector finance and financial issues, and currently Director of Research at Truth in Accounting.  Bergman discusses the financial mess that characterizes the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois.  You can watch the program with Bergman by... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w IL Trea. cand. Dodge on Quincy,JB's fraud scheme, safe state investing, Cable&Web

Tonight’s Chicago metro North and Northwest Suburban edition of Public Affairs features IL State Treasurer Candidate Jim Dodge (R-Orland Park). The show airs at 8:30 pm as indicated below on Cable Channel 19 or 35, as indicated below, depending on the suburb.  You won’t want to miss tonight’s show: When many Republican candidates have lost... Read more »

Watch Rep. Cand. Cho discuss Gabel's vote to dilute minorities' political power in Evanston, Cable & Web

Dilution of minority political power was supported by Cho’s opponent, State Rep. Robyn Gabel (D-Evanston). Tonight’s City of  Chicago, this week’s Daily Evanston and tomorrow night’s Chicago metro N and NW, 24 suburban edition of Public Affairs (including Wilmette, Northfield and Northbrook)  features State Rep. Candidate Julie Cho (R-Wilmette), who is challenging 8 year Democrat... Read more »

Taxes, reform and State and local government bankruptcy issues: Watch Berkowitz w/State Rep. Candidate Biela, Cable&Web

Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban edition of Public Affairs features State Rep. Candidate Amanda Biela (R-Edgebrook), who is challenging 14 year Democrat incumbent, John D’Amico, in the 15th State House District, with the support of the House Republican Organization (“HRO”). You can also watch the show with 15th House District Candidate Amanda Biela... Read more »