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"Free to Choose," comes to Chicago's North Side: CPS likely to approve this morning Nobel Academy's expansion to a 900 student Uptown High School

Link to Video of Ald. Pawar on “Public Affairs,” added Wednesday at 10:45 am CPS CEO Ruiz to support today Charter School expansion to Uptown. According to a written report to the CPS board, Interim CPS CEO Jesse Ruiz (who recently stepped into his position from his CPS board seat to replace the “under investigation”... Read more »

Five reasons why Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor is now the lamest of lame ducks.

“What was Cantor thinking,” they said as they voted yesterday for Cong. Cantor’s Republican primary opponent, Dave Brat.   5. Eric Cantor was a beatable candidate, even though he outspent his primary opponent, 25 to 1.  He had a lousy campaign staff who didn’t see the train coming. After 14 years in Congress, Cantor was taken... Read more »

Way better than Hillary Clinton interviewed by Rahm Emanuel: Berkowitz w/17 year old DePaul Junior Trey Cobb on School Choice, Cable and Web

Tonight’s Chicago metro edition of “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz” features Trey Cobb, Youth Director and Navigator at Ed Choice Illinois-and a 17 year old junior at DePaul University.  The show is now posted on the Public Affairs youtube channel  ********************************* Trey is a young man who has benefitted from school choice. He is someone whose family... Read more »

Better than the election returns: Berkowitz w/Bruno Behrend on ten liberal mainstream media myths, cable and soon on the web

Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Bruno Behrend, a Senior Fellow at the Heartland Institute. The program airs in its usual 8:30 pm time slot in 24 North and Northwest Chicago Metro suburbs (See below). Bruno Behrend debates and discusses with show host Jeff Berkowitz ten liberal mainstream media myths... Read more »

Better than Maddow w/Fed Chief Bernanke: Berkowitz w/Booth Business School Prof. Steven Davis, Cable and Web

This week’s episode of “Public Affairs,” features Professor Steven Davis, Professor of International Business and Economics, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, discussing and debating with show host Jeff Berkowitz, among other issues, the causes of the 2008 U.S.  economy crash, whether the fiscal policy, monetary policy and other actions taken by government decision... Read more »

Tonight's warm up act for McLaughlin Group: Berkowitz w/ General (and State Rep.) David Harris on Cable and the Web

A special airing tonight of the Chicago Suburban edition of Public Affairs features State Rep. David Harris (R-Arlington Heights).  Two Star General David Harris debates and discusses with show host Jeff Berkowitz how state pension reform should be and is being accomplished,which in the view of many others is “slowly and not so surely.”  The... Read more »

Better than Hannity or Maddow w/anybody: Berkowitz w/free marketeer Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips on Cable/web

Brad Lips [CEO of Atlas Network]:  When Rahm Emanuel brought up the “Never let a crisis go to waste,” quote, I think that was a rather cynical way to look at the [2008-09 economic] crisis that we were experiencing in the U. S., and he was talking about it as a way to mobilize a left... Read more »

Better than TV coverage of the Wisconsin Gubernatorial Recall election: Berkowitz w/Brad Lips on Cable/Web re the choice of more government or more free markets

This week’s Chicago Suburban edition of Public Affairs, featuring Brad Lips, CEO of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, debating and discussing with show host Jeff Berkowitz whether too much free market or too much government  was responsible for the 2008 economic crash, airs tonight in 24 North and Northwest Chicago suburbs at 8:30 pm on Cable... Read more »

Watch Illinois Policy Institute's Tillman on Cable/Web: Obama, Gas Prices, School Choice, Milton Friedman, Adam Smith, the Wealth of Nations and oh, so much more.

Is the Illinois Policy Institute (liberty and free market based), reinvigorated in the last few years under the leadership of its CEO, John Tillman, now one of the two most influential public policy think tanks in Illinois? The answer has to be “Yes, it is.”  Major events hosted by the Illinois Policy Institute in the... Read more »

Better than Marin w/Mayor Emanuel: Berkowitz w/John Tillman on the web and cable

September 6, 2011. John Tillman: [Mayor Emanuel] should totally open up vouchers…if he wants to hold the CPS and their teachers…accountable, the best way to hold them accountable is to take away their monopoly control of children’s lives and let private providers compete with the public [school] monopoly through [school] vouchers, a bill that we... Read more »