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Better than Monday night football w/Bears and 49ers: Berkowitz w/Behrend on Cable/Web

  Bruno Behrend: Can I tell you what’s not pablum… No. 1, 1llinois needs a property tax freeze; No. 2, we need to audit every dime of state and local spending, so we can start cutting in sizes the amounts that we need to start cutting: 10, 20, 30 % budget cuts and then we... Read more »

Better than Carol Marin w/ 2014 Republican Primary gubernatorial hopeful Kirk Dillard, Berkowitz w/Bruno Behrend on Cable/web

Bruno Behrend: I think [the Illinois Republican Party] might have an inside shot [at winning the majority of seats in the state house] Jeff Berkowitz: …They’re going to get a net gain of six seats? Bruno Behrend: Yeah, they may. Tonight’s suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Bruno Behrend, Executive Director of “For the Good of... Read more »