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Gov. Rauner’s 2018 Re-election theme was embedded in his budget speech: winning the middle voters with pale pastels

Revised at 4 pm on Thursday. Dabrowski was critical of Gov. Rauner for including too many spending increases– and leaving the door open to tax hikes— which the Illinois Policy Institute seems to view like a plague of locusts that leads to famine. Or, as Bill Clinton and Governor Rauner might say, “It’s political economy,... Read more »

Gov. Rauner's fork in the road? Will he move left or right on the Cullerton-Radogno proposed massive tax increase?

Which proposal will Rauner support? The Illinois Policy Institute’s proposed State Budget [w/no new taxes]? Or, the Cullerton-Radogno budget compromise [w/massive new taxes]?  ********** Yesterday was Governor Rauner’s day to deliver the State of the State [Watch it here]. So, it was not surprising that he focused on his accomplishments, at least in the first... Read more »

Why didn’t State’s Attorney Alvarez handle the shooting of Laquan McDonald by indicting officer Van Dyke in 60 days?

On December 21, 2014, if then six year incumbent Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez had played it smartly, the local Chicago papers would have reported the following: —The easy to make case against Officer Jason Van Dyke: The office of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez yesterday charged Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke... Read more »

Better than Trump debating Hillary Clinton: Berkowitz w/ Kristin McQueary on Tribune Editorial Board, Free markets and less government, Cable and Web

Jeff Berkowitz: Right now, you are a Chicago Tribune editorial board writer…  There are eleven people on the Tribune editorial board… There is Bruce Dold, who is kind of the king– Kristin McQueary:  [Laughter] Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Kristin McQueary, Chicago Tribune editorial board member and writer. The show airs... Read more »

Time for Madigan, Cullerton and Zorn to get real and respond to Rauner's response (via Berkowitz) to Eric Zorn's IL Budget challenge

Link added at 1:50 pm on Thursday to video interview w/ Rep. Morrison about the reform/spending cuts/new revenue Grand Bargain Revised significantly at 3:00 am on Thursday.– …[Y]ou come up with a net savings for the State of $3.1 billion and additional revenue of $700 million –Eric Zorn’s framing of IL State budget issues.  When... Read more »

Better than the Super Bowl and Downton Abbey: Berkowitz w/Chicago Tribune Editorial Writer Kristen McQueary, Web and Cable

Jeff Berkowitz: …So, [the Chicago Tribune] went with political expediency over what you know in your heart is right. Kristen McQueary: No, no, no. We went with the best decision for the state…And, we said- vote yes on this [Pension] bill and then keep working toward a solution. Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban... Read more »

Should WTTW be renamed LTTL (Liberals talking to liberals)? Where’s the ideological balance?

That omission is not too surprising when you have your hired staff and management all drink from the same idea pool.  Looking out of the window to WTTW’s world, it appears to WTTW’s staff that all right thinking individuals support abortion, gun control, same sex marriage, more government spending and higher taxes.  And married pols... Read more »

Better than Michigan at Notre Dame, Berkowitz w/ Russell on Opportunity Scholarships: Cable and Web

Jeff Berkowitz: I hope Rahm Emanuel is watching this because he wants Chicago to be the idea city.  Eric Zorn, who is a very bright guy and a great Chicago Tribune columnist, said to me, “Well, Jeff, if you have school vouchers-school choice, the Chicago Public Schools would fall apart.” John Russell: Now, that’s not... Read more »

Better than Maddow w/Romney: Berkowitz w/ Tribune's Zorn on Cable/Web on Romney's taxes, Dem's Joe McCarthy and who "built it."

  Jeff Berkowitz: Where does [economic] growth come from? Government or entrepreneurs? Eric Zorn [Chicago Tribune]: Obviously entrepreneurs are the real engine of growth, but you can’t have entrepreneurs if you don’t have government behind them. They cannot operate without the structure— Jeff Berkowitz: We could have a lot less government behind us and then... Read more »

Stimulating Dreams: Better than Berkowitz w/Obama, Berkowitz w/Zorn on Obama's Economy Fix

From Eric Zorn, to Jeff Berkowitz:     I doubt that a larger [economic] stimulus could have passed…But I admit not only that Obama thought at the time [800 billion dollars of stimulus] was going to be enough but also that it wasn’t deftly designed for maximum impact… ********************************************** I keep having this dream, again and... Read more »