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Top Five things we know about Bruce Rauner after his first six days as Governor-Elect.

(revised slightly at noon on Tuesday, November 11, 2014) 5. Rauner knows how to put together a diverse, bi-partisan transition team: his 25 member team includes still popular, two term moderate Republican Governor Jim Edgar; Bill Daley, son of Mayor Richard J. and brother of Mayor Richard M., White House Chief of Staff to Obama,... Read more »

Better than the Blackhawks play-offs: Berkowitz w/Dennis Gragert (Daily Whale.com) on Rauner, Quinn and key State issues, Web, Cable/partial transcript

Dennis Gragert: …While pay to play exists in the government, for the most part, it is a very small part of what happens... ************************ Jeff Berkowitz:  Brought jobs? What is the unemployment rate in Illinois? …the second highest in the country. How does Quinn make that argument? Dennis Gragert: I’m just saying that is what... Read more »

Way better than Tom Cruise w/Katie Holmes: Berkowitz w/State Rep. Darlene Senger on Fixing Illinois

You can find out how Illinois can have money to educate, medicate and incarcerate– and keep taxes and spending low– by watching State Rep. Senger go at it with Public Affairs show host Jeff Berkowitz tonight in 10 North Shore suburbs and throughout the city of Chicago and tomorrow night in 24 North and Northwest... Read more »

Reaponding to Gov. Quinn's proposed budget: Reform, New ideas and No New Taxes.

Gov. Quinn delivered an essentially status quo budget yesterday. It should be treated as dead on arrival. His education cuts of ten percent are not intended to solve the deficit problem. They are intended, instead, to motivate the teachers unions, the PTAs, the Illinois Association of School Boards, etc. to lobby for Quinn’s proposed 33%... Read more »