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Watch Illinois HFS Director Julie Hamos [IL Medicaid czarina] on Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: What if you are an undocumented worker?  Do you get Medicaid? Julie Hamos [Illinois HFS Director]: Undocumented children in Illinois get Medicaid. Jeff Berkowitz:  What if you are an undocumented adult? You don’t? Julie Hamos: No. Jeff Berkowitz: But, if you are a child, you do.  Should we do that? Does that invite... Read more »

Berkowitz predicts the winners: Sheyman, Romney, Pucinski, Duckworth, et al

Public Affairs” Jeff Berkowitz calls the 2012 Primary winners: 10th CD Democratic Primary, Ilya  Sheyman IL Republican Presidential Primary, Mitt Romney 8th CD Democratic Primary, Tammy Duckworth 2nd CD Democratic Primary, Jesse Jackson, Jr. 16th CD Republican Primary, Adam Kinzinger IL State Supreme Court Democratic Primary, Aurelia Pucinski Circuit Court Clerk of Cook County Democratic... Read more »

President Obama brings Blagojevich trial connections home as the jury deliberations continue. Ghosts of Christmas past?

Chicago is President Obama’s adopted hometown.  He might have woken up on Thursday morning singing, “It is my kind of town.”  It has been very, very, very good to him.   Mr. Obama moved to Chicago twenty-eight years ago, after graduating from Columbia University.  He learned his politics as a community organizer, a young civil rights... Read more »