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Doug Bennett, 10th CD R primary candidate, differs from his opponent on same sex marriage/Paris Accord? Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: What does Jeremy say about same sex marriage? Doug Bennett (R-Deerfield): I think he is for it. ******** Doug Bennett : I think [Trump’s decision on the Paris Accord]  is the right decision. Tonight’s Chicago Metro edition of Public Affairs features Doug Bennett, 54,  running in a contested 10th Cong. District Republican Primary.... Read more »

Watch Illinois HFS Director Julie Hamos [IL Medicaid czarina] on Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: What if you are an undocumented worker?  Do you get Medicaid? Julie Hamos [Illinois HFS Director]: Undocumented children in Illinois get Medicaid. Jeff Berkowitz:  What if you are an undocumented adult? You don’t? Julie Hamos: No. Jeff Berkowitz: But, if you are a child, you do.  Should we do that? Does that invite... Read more »