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The top five reasons why Rahm Emanuel will be in a Chicago Mayoral run-off w/ Chuy Garcia on April 7, Watch and read

Turn out the lights, the party is over. With 81% of the precincts in, it is and will end: Rahm- 46% Chuy Garcia- 34% Willie Wilson- 10%   Fioretti/Walls- 10% The top five reasons why Rahm Emanuel will be in run-off w/ Chuy Garcia on April 7 5. The Chicago Teachers union is a powerful... Read more »

Could Mayoral Candidate Willie Wilson give hope to low income Chicago minorities with School Choice- School Vouchers, and ride those vouchers to victory: Watch Wilson discuss "Demand creating its own supply," Cable and Web

Tonight’s Chicago  Metro suburban edition of Pubic Affairs features Chicago Mayoral candidate  Willie Wilson debating and discussing how to make dramatic improvements in the performance of the Chicago Public Schools,  how to increase the number of jobs on the south and west sides of Chicago and other empowerment issues for the people of Chicago with... Read more »

Paul Green predicts Rahm gets 52.46% in two weeks: Watch Berkowitz w/Green (Cable and Web)

…Jeff Berkowitz: …If the election were held today, your prediction [for February 24, 2015] would be…that Rahm Emanuel would get what percent of the vote…  Paul Green: 52:46 %  ********************* Paul Green, Chairman of the City Club of Chicago, Roosevelt University Political Science Professor and Director of the Institute for Politics is the featured guest... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel uses the ABC-7, LWV Chicago Mayoral Debate to continue his march to the 5th Floor of City Hall

Last night’s ABC-7′s Chicago Mayoral election candidate forum sponsored by the League of Women voters and multiple other organizations followed the pattern of this campaign and the other televised debates. Early last fall, the candidates seemed to agree that the primary issues were education, public safety and Chicago’s budget and finance issues, including spending, taxes... Read more »