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Way better than Rachel Maddow w/Howard Dean: Berkowitz w/Obama adviser Dan Shomon [On Cable/web]

Jeff Berkowitz: Would you tell Barack this: There is no job called job creator… in the private sector, if you … do things that improve the situation for your shareholders, your employees and your customers, you will create jobs, but you don’t go out and try to create jobs… Dan Shomon [Long time Barack Obama... Read more »

Free birth control pills or school choice? Berkowitz with Obama senior adviser Dan Shomon, Cable and on the web

Jeff Berkowitz: And, then [Barack Obama] said, “You know, Jeff, I am against school vouchers.” It was the saddest moment of my life to see Barack Obama say something that wasn’t true. Because, I could have played him that tape, as he said— Dan Shomon [Barack Obama adviser]: Well, I don’t remember, but you can... Read more »