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Is the Tribune/Sun-Times' reporting giving aid and comfort to Speaker Madigan’s budget efforts to make Rauner a one term Governor?

Senate President Cullerton now wants Gov. Rauner to support piece meal K-12 Education, Human Services and Higher Education appropriations…Cullerton might just as well ask Gov. Rauner to chair Senator Heather Steans’ (53, Princeton, Harvard, Lake Forest born and Trustee of Steans Family Foundation) 2018 gubernatorial election committee [Watch 2009 Senator Heather Steans (D-Chicago)  deal with... Read more »

Left Wing "Politics Tonight" w/ Lisnek and Pearson—WTF, WGN’s Lisnek blames the State Budget impasse on Gov. Rauner’s “Social Agenda.”

Left Wing "Politics Tonight" w/ Lisnek and Pearson—WTF, WGN’s Lisnek blames the State Budget impasse on Gov. Rauner’s “Social Agenda.”
Text revised, primarily for syntax, on Saturday at 11:15 pm. Watching left wing Politics Tonight last night [M-F, 5:30 pm and 10 pm, on CLTV, step-child of WGN], it was sad to see that WGN continues to put up with so much left-wing bias from it’s host, Paul Lisnek. –Paul Lisnek, a social and economic... Read more »

Who enabled the theft of $23 million from CPS? Berkowitz w/criminal defense lawyer Dean Polales, Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz: The bad guy [in the SUPES- ACADEMY, Barbara Byrd-Bennett- CPS scandal] … Who are the really bad people…I didn’t say guilty… who were the enablers who enabled Barbara, Gary and Thomas to steal 23 million dollars from CPS … Dean Polales: Jeffrey, the enabler of stealing twenty-three million dollars is a system that... Read more »

The top ten things to know about Speaker Hastert's fall from grace---due to a cocktail of rumors, innunendo, allegations, politics and facts

As Fox’s Brit Hume said yesterday, “…Were they investigating the crime or were they investigating the former Speaker?” 10.  The U. S. Attorney from the Northern District of Illinois, relative newcomer Zach Fardon, in his second year as U. S. Attorney (but with a decade of federal prosecutor experience split between Nashville and Chicago) reports... Read more »

Breaking Bad for 77 year old, downstate power broker Bill Cellini: Should he have received any jail time?

Gary Shapiro: …You know what our evidence was at trial and you know what our positions were  at sentencing, which is—for decades, Bill Cellini was:  a powerhouse downstate,  a fundraiser for, as it turned out, both parties; [A man] who had relationships with some of the most corrupt politicians Illinois has known. So, no, I... Read more »