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Back to the future in the IL 10th CD: Can Schneider win by labeling Dold a Tea Party loyalist?

Jeff Berkowitz: You and Dan Seals… agree that the 700 billion dollar financial sector bailout was a good idea and that both of you would have supported it…right? Robert Dold: That is true … I would have absolutely voted for it but I don’t agree with how it is being handled now in terms of a slush... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz and Proft discuss the Blago Trial, Jackson, Brady, Quinn, Kirk, Giannoulias and more

Jeff Berkowitz: Do you know why they didn’t make that case? Dan Proft: No, I don’t know why [Cong. Jesse] Jackson wasn’t arrested. The problem I have– ***************************** Dan Proft: …What voters are looking at–how about my household budget? That’s what I’m worried about… I’m worried about my household budget, so speak to me about... Read more »