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Breaking Bad for 77 year old, downstate power broker Bill Cellini: Should he have received any jail time?

Gary Shapiro: …You know what our evidence was at trial and you know what our positions were  at sentencing, which is—for decades, Bill Cellini was:  a powerhouse downstate,  a fundraiser for, as it turned out, both parties; [A man] who had relationships with some of the most corrupt politicians Illinois has known. So, no, I... Read more »

Is the Bill Cellini trial “Breaking bad,” for U. S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald?

As we head into the 11th and possibly final day of testimony in the Fed’s case against Springfield power broker Bill Cellini, it’s time to take stock. 1. The government’s case against Celllini, 76, is incredibly weak. It’s star and perhaps only real witness is Stu Levine, 65, a man who has been a heavy... Read more »