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Rahm Emanuel uses the ABC-7, LWV Chicago Mayoral Debate to continue his march to the 5th Floor of City Hall

Last night’s ABC-7’s Chicago Mayoral election candidate forum sponsored by the League of Women voters and multiple other organizations followed the pattern of this campaign and the other televised debates. Early last fall, the candidates seemed to agree that the primary issues were education, public safety and Chicago’s budget and finance issues, including spending, taxes... Read more »

The Chicago Mayor's race: Why Rahm Emanuel has a big lead.

Less than two weeks from the election for Mayor of Chicago and Rahm Emanuel is now polling more than the requisite 50% vote total to avoid a run-off.  His 54% in the ABC 7 Chicago commissioned poll exceeds that of his closest competitor, Gery Chico, by 40 points. [Of course, all polls must be treated with... Read more »