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Watch Cook County State's Attorney Republican Candidate Pat O'Brien's 30 minute interview tonite & tmw night in Cook County's southern suburbs & towns: Comcast Cable Ch. 19 & Web

Watch Pat O’Brien discuss with Jeff Berkowitz how to reverse the deadly violent gang and drug selling related trends in Chicago and it’s suburbs. The Public Affairs show, featuring Republican State’s Attorney candidate Pat O’Brien interviewed by host Berkowitz, airs in Cook County’s southern towns, suburbs, cities and beyond (See listing of viewing areas, below) on Comcast... Read more »

Watch 560 AM Radio's Black & Right Charles Love answer Berkowitz on Chicago Violence, School Choice, Jobs, Pensions et al, Cable & Web

Revised and supplemented with show transcript on Sunday morning at 12:20 pm Tomorrow night’s Chicago edition of Public Affairs airs at 8:30 pm and Midnight on Cable Ch. 21 (CAN TV) through-out Chicago proper. Also airing tmw night in Aurora and Tuesday night in Chicago Metro suburbs and 24/7 on youtube (See below for more... Read more »

Chicago's High Powered gun slinger arrestees: When should they return to our streets on bail?

Mayor Lori Lightfoot: Having an AK-47 is against the law. So, that in and of itself… is a problem.  Obviously, the judge should look at how strong the prosecution’s case is …the other surrounding circumstances…  but [that] raises serious questions as to whether… that person should be out on bond… Berkowitz: Even with no priors?... Read more »