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Chicago's High Powered gun slinger arrestees: When should they return to our streets on bail?

Mayor Lori Lightfoot: Having an AK-47 is against the law. So, that in and of itself… is a problem.  Obviously, the judge should look at how strong the prosecution’s case is …the other surrounding circumstances…  but [that] raises serious questions as to whether… that person should be out on bond… Berkowitz: Even with no priors?... Read more »

Is Bill Daley the political equivalent of a "Made" guy? His own rules? Skips Chicago Mayoral forums & still wins?

–Bill Daley didn’t participate in ANY OF THIS WEEK’S four forums, 0%. F for Billy. Really, if Bill weren’t a MADE GUY, the Tribune might write he is a F–k up! [What does his flak catcher, Peter Cunningham, do to earn his keep? write ad copy?] In short, Bill Daley was a small time fixer... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/former State GOP Chair Gary MacDougal on the five root causes of Chicago's violence: cable & web

MacDougal finds that the root causes of Chicago’s violence include drug infested neighborhoods, dysfunctional families, union dominated, non-performing public schools, a dearth of good role models and geographic and skills barriers to even entry level jobs. With Rahm Emanuel deciding last week discretion is the better part of valor and not to seek re-election as... Read more »