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Better than the cable coverage of the bombings in Boston: Berkowitz w/Ald. Rey Colon on grading Mayor Emanuel's performance

Ald. Rey Colon: …I think that education options, whether its charters, whether its vouchers, need to be explored… Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features 35th Ward Alderman Rey Colon debating and discussing, among other topics, Rahm Emanuel’s performance on improving education, city finances and public safety during his first two years as... Read more »

Berkowitz w/former MSNBC correspondent Nick Bogert, on Cable / Web: Mayor Emanuel a B student?

Jeff Berkowitz: …what is [Mayor Emanuel] getting an A or B for, if the three major things he was elected [to work on], he hasn’t improved? Nick Bogert: An A or B for taking it on, and I don’t think you turn the battleship around in a year. [From “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz,” taped... Read more »