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Berkowitz w Marilyn Katz on advising Mayor Lightfoot on how to fix Chicago: Cable & Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Marilyn Katz, President, MK Communications, giving succinct but wise advice to Mayor-Elect Lightfoot on how to fix all of Chicago’s ills. For once, show host Berkowitz smartly took a back seat to his guest and took copious notes on Marilyn’s advice. The new Chicago mayor and... Read more »

Watch Wirepoints' Dabrowski tell Mayor Lightfoot what she must do to make Chicago fiscally healthy: Cable & Web

Ted Dabrowski essentially said that Lightfoot, if she is serious about fixing Chicago’s finances, will reverse her campaign position and support an Illinois constitutional amendment that allows Chicago to reduce… The power to file for bankruptcy means all the Chicago creditors, such as those with owed pensions, have to come to the table and negotiate... Read more »