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Conversing w/ Chris Kennedy about why he is best, Chairman Madigan's step down, growing IL jobs & Pritzker’s flaws.

Chris Kennedy: Daniel Biss is a career politician… nearly impossible for him to have the independence that he needs to run Illinois… the more people know about Pritzker, the less they like him…The most important thing to fix in Illinois, to grow our economy … is to fix our system of education. *********** Jeff Berkowitz:... Read more »

Leading Dem Gov Primary Candidates Pritzker, Kennedy & Biss at Rainbow Push: Eye on the Prize.

Only three of the six candidates have a shot to win the Dem Primary Pritzker and Kennedy seem to view [a Progressive Income Tax] as a means to provide a free lunch to middle class and low income voters. The real news is that there was no mention of or questions about reforming state employee... Read more »

Flip at 10 am from CNN’s Reliable Sources to see Berkowitz w/IPI’s Dabrowski on Making Illinois Great Again, or watch on the Web

Jeff Berkowitz: If we added this up… there is about 7 to 8 billion dollars in savings [per year from spending in the State Budget] right? ***** Berkowitz: You think you have the people on your side? Dabrowski: The people are on our side. And, that’s who matters. Not Pritzker, not Rauner…the people are the... Read more »

I have a dream: IPI's Dabrowski engages WTTW's Schutz about a no tax increase solution to the IL Budget crisis, Web/Cable

WTTW’s Paris Schutz said, “[The 2011 IL income tax increase] should have never been temporary,” agreeing with liberal John McCarron that the temporary nature of the 2011 tax boost “Was what got us into this crash in the first place.” Since Public TV is supposed to be balanced, you might have thought sometime, somebody at... Read more »

Gov. Rauner's fork in the road? Will he move left or right on the Cullerton-Radogno proposed massive tax increase?

Which proposal will Rauner support? The Illinois Policy Institute’s proposed State Budget [w/no new taxes]? Or, the Cullerton-Radogno budget compromise [w/massive new taxes]?  ********** Yesterday was Governor Rauner’s day to deliver the State of the State [Watch it here]. So, it was not surprising that he focused on his accomplishments, at least in the first... Read more »

Ten takeaways from the last 18 months of IL budget/sausage making, part 1

…Nobody (from Rauner to Madigan to Munger) knows how bad the state deficit and growing debt will be… but every honest… person knows they will be very, very bad. …Balanced, my ass, is what the TV show host should have said.  Sadly, Lisnik, after a half-hearted challenge and probe, let Quinn sleaze his way out... Read more »

Gov. Rauner to Democrats: Let’s raise taxes, adopt some reforms and help CPS and other low income school districts [watch this]

  So, you don’t believe Rauner said yesterday he wants a tax hike now, as part of an overall … solution involving the state budget, SOME structural reforms and assistance for low income school districts, including Chicago?…Listen to and watch the Governor, in his own words…     What did Governor Rauner really say at yesterday’s press... Read more »

Speaker Madigan and Senate President Cullerton to Governor Rauner, “We ain’t ready for reform."

  Begging the Pope for an audience? Governor Rauner said at yesterday morning’s  press conference at the Thompson Center that his office reached out to Speaker Madigan last week and said, “The Primaries are over, how about if you and I get together, this week, talk about a budget and some compromises?” The Governor seemed... Read more »

Gov. Rauner's Turnaround Agenda and the State Budget Impasse: Berkowitz w/IL Republican House Leader Durkin, Cable and Web

Republican State House Leader Jim Durkin:  …If the Democrats want revenue, they need to get reforms passed first. I am always going to keep an open mind to any proposal from the Democrats. But. … Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs,” features Republican State House Leader Jim Durkin.   The show airs throughout the... Read more »

Gov. Rauner’s pension reform proposal, President Cullerton’s response, the IL Constitution and liberal bias at WTTW, WGN and Chicago Tribune reporting

Link to NBC-5 News Mary Ann Ahearn’s excellent written and video report and Rich Miller’s excellent back story added, below, at 2:40 pm today. Looking at all the comments of President Cullerton and Governor Rauner, it appears that Arruza’s, Lisnek’s and Pearson’s reports of the demise of Rauner’s pension reform proposal, like the reports of... Read more »