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Chuy edges out Rahm for a debate win tonight: Watch it on WFLD, Fox 32 tonight at 9 pm; Debate Analysis at 10 pm on Fox 32

The Chicago Mayor’s race, with 12 days left until the April 7, 2015 Mayor’s election is still Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s to lose. Rahm started out ahead, on February 24, with about a 12 point lead, 46 to 34. Rahm won the first debate, NBC-5′s,  10 days ago. But, Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia has perhaps... Read more »

Better than Monday night football: Berkowitz w/pundit Robling on Emanuel's failed performance and the four failing campaigns of the Republican Primary Gov candidates, Cable and Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago and North Shore editions of “Public Affairs,”  with show host Jeff Berkowitz features Chris Robling, former Executive Director of the Cook County GOP and media mogul, moderator and political pundit at WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio and many other media outlets.  Chris also interviewed a few years ago President George W. Bush... Read more »

Better than Scott Pelley with Mitt Romney: Berkowitz w/ Fox Chicago’s Mike Flannery on Cable and the Web

Mike Flannery [Fox Chicago Political Editor]: And, I understand why [Mayor Emanuel] backed off; It would have been a court fight…the Mayor and the Board of Education have the power to order teachers to work a longer day… so the teachers have to do that, but they’re able to bargain over money… ************************************************** The “Public Affairs show,”... Read more »

Better than Charlie Rose with Nicole Kidman: watch Berkowitz w/ Fox Chicago News' Mike Flannery on Cable and Charlotte’s Web

Mike Flannery [Fox Chicago News]: …But, to say that [the teachers’ unions] are not thinking about the kids and to say that ideas like that—to delegitimize everything that the union or [its President] Karen Lewis proposes—I think is just wrongheaded. And, it’s wrong. Jeff Berkowitz: Look what they’ve done, Mike, [the teachers’ unions] have never... Read more »