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Berkowitz 1 on 1 with CTU President Karen Lewis on charter school miracles and some bad CPS teachers

Jeff Berkowitz: What’s the biggest lie you think [the charter schools] tell? Karen Lewis: The biggest lie they tell is, “That we [charter schools] can do miraculous things for your child that CPS [traditional neighborhood schools] can’t do.” CTU President Karen Lewis asks Berkowitz: Who are you, by the way… ******* –CTU’s effort to snuff... Read more »

Ten key things to know about Rahm's appointment of Forrest Claypool to CPS CEO and the four amigos: Emanuel, Axelrod, Claypool and Obama. Watch Claypool on Web

So, TV show host Berkowitz asked Forrest Claypool in May, 2008… why his amigo, Barack Obama, couldn’t see fit to support reform over patronage, inefficency and corruption… 10. This reporter once said to Forrest Claypool in one of his five appearances on “Public Affairs,”  “You could be a Republican- you are such a believer in... Read more »

A seven step program to fix IL Governor Bruce Rauner's Fiscal 2016 budget deficit

Governor Rauner…can honestly say his balanced budget and … legislation …are consistent with the principles he laid out during his election campaign.  –Gov. Bruce Rauner’s principles.  If you think like Bruce Rauner, there is no point in being Governor unless you  wake up every day with a plan of  action to implement your principles-– and... Read more »

Better than Chris Wallace w/Obama: Berkowitz w/Ald. and Chicago Mayor Candidate Bob Fioretti, Cable and Web

Ald. and Chicago Mayor candidate Fioretti:… We need to restore hope. We need more police officers. We need jobs… And, those are the ways that we are going to bring down the crime rate. Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Ald. and Chicago Mayor Candidate Bob Fioretti:  The show airs throughout the... Read more »

The Top 6 New things to know about IL Gov-Elect Bruce Rauner: watch Berkowitz w/Andy Shaw on Rauner, Cable and Web

6. Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner is the primary focus of Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs, featuring guest Andy Shaw (Better Government Association’s CEO) interviewed by show host Jeff Berkowitz. The show airs throughout the City at 8:30 pm and again at midnight on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV] 5. Shaw advises Rauner to gather... Read more »

CPS graduates 6 % of its kids from a 4 year college. The Cristo Rey network, with similar minority students from low income families to those of CPS, graduates 55% of its kids from a 4 year college. Watch Berkowitz w/ Cristo Rey's Kendall, Cable and Web

Tonight’s Rockford edition of “Public Affairs,” features Preston Kendall, President of the Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep High School, a Waukegan parochial school  populated in large part with kids from low income Hispanic families, who enter the school two grades behind and by their senior year they are ready to compete at the college level.    Six... Read more »

Way better than Monday night Football, Berkowitz with Cristo Rey's Preston Kendall: Low income minorities outperforming CPS by 900 % ? Yup, for true. Watch on Cable/Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago and Evanston editions of the “Public Affairs,” TV show feature Preston Kendall, President of the Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep High School in Waukegan, IL.  The show airs throughout the Cities of Chicago and Evanston tonight at 8:30 pm.  In Chicago, the show airs on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV].  In... Read more »

More important than Preckwinkle's endorsement in 2nd CD Democratic Primary: Berkowitz w/Dem 2nd CD Candidate Rev. Anthony Williams and Republican 2nd CD candidate McAllister, cable and web

Revised and supplemented on Tuesday, 7:15 pm.  A big deal that Preckwinkle endorsed 2nd CD candidate State Senator Toi Hutchinson yesterday? Of course not, nobody cares much about what  Preckwinkle thinks about the 2nd CD. Why should they? As if Preckwinkle would know anything about the 2nd Congressional District or the issues important to that... Read more »

Berkowitz w/former MSNBC correspondent Nick Bogert, on Cable / Web: Mayor Emanuel a B student?

Jeff Berkowitz: …what is [Mayor Emanuel] getting an A or B for, if the three major things he was elected [to work on], he hasn’t improved? Nick Bogert: An A or B for taking it on, and I don’t think you turn the battleship around in a year. [From “Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz,” taped... Read more »

Top three reasons why this morning's 8th CD Duckworth-Walsh Fox Chicago TV debate fails to deliver.

Fox Chicago’s Mike Flannery or Anna Davlantes [if she woke up from her deep slumber] could have said, “Tammy, everybody knows Cong. Joe Walsh is right—at least, in the sense that the sticking point in the negotiations was that the teachers’ union didn’t want tenured teachers who were classified as ‘needing improvement,’ and didn’t improve,... Read more »