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Chicago Fed President Charles Evans on economic recovery: Two more years for GDP to return to Pre-Covid levels. Alternatives?

Chicago Fed President Evans: Two years until full U. S. Economic Recovery Today, I attended, with other media, a virtual presser held by Chicago Federal Reserve President Charles Evans. He was strikingly pessimistic, saying that US GDP is unlikely to return to pre-Covid levels for another two years. Evans on School re-openings President Evans noted... Read more »

Chicago Fed President Evans counsels patience and teamwork as we finesse a likely 20% - 40% U.S. GDP drop

Charles Evans, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, held a chatty, telephonic presser with twenty or more business journalists this morning for an hour at 9 am (CST). The over-riding theme? The Treasury and the Fed are in lock-step on handling the Covid19 crisis (There was no mention of President Trump, presumptive 2020... Read more »

Chicago Fed President Charlie Evans this morning: Monetary theory calls for more Federal Reserve accommodation now

“Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon,” Milton Friedman Jeff Berkowitz: There is no economic theory that says this but it sounds like the Fed (and perhaps you) are saying collectively: with low inflation, this concern about tariffs and currency manipulation [by China] and so forth- there is no economic theory that tells us... Read more »

UChicago Econ Nobel Prize Winner Lars Hansen and Chicago Fed President Charles Evans demystify monetary policy: Cable and web

Chicago Fed President Charles Evans: I am confident that the models I am talking about will fail on a number of dimensions… you train people to say things provocatively. Isn’t that right? That’s what I thought I learned at the University of Chicago. UChicago Economics Professor Lars Hansen: Provocatively, but in a … very deep... Read more »