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Breaking Bad for North Shore’s 18 year old Carly Rousso: hit yesterday with a Six Count Huffing Felony Indictment

Carly Rousso- Mauled at Sweet 16  Carly Rousso, two years ago, or so, was a Highland Park Sweet Sixteen with a promising future ahead of her. Then, she got mauled by a pit bull and was scarred physically and emotionally. Carly faced taunting from her peers– perhaps because of her scars. Kids will be Kids.... Read more »

Indictment of 18 year old Carly Rousso imminent for causing the death of Highland Park's five year old Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento.

The Grand Jury, convened in the matter of the death of Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento on Labor Day, which occurred exactly thirty days ago, is likely to vote today, or soon thereafter, to issue a five count, or so, felony indictment of Carly Rousso, for allegedly killing Jaclyn by crashing into her with her family’s 2003 Lexis,... Read more »

The Rousso Santos-Sacramento-Jiminez huffing and dusting story: A tale of innocence, death and redemption on the North Shore?

Ten days ago- on Labor Day- five year old Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento’s mother, Modesta Sacramento-Jiminez, was walking on the north side of the sidewalk near the CORBE building at 777 Central Avenue in Highland Park, with Jaclyn and her two younger brothers (3 and 6) when Jaclyn was hit by a 2003 Lexus driven by Carly... Read more »

Carly Rousso arrested this morning on five felony counts of aggravated DUI in death of 5 year old Highland Park girl

A warrant for the arrest of Carly Rousso was issued this morning and her attorney, Doug Zeit told the prosecutors he would surrender his client, Ms. Rousso, which he did prior to a bond hearing held in Lake County Bond Court around 11:00 am this morning in bond court in Lake County before Judge Collins.... Read more »

Highland Park’s death of innocence investigation-The Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento story

Tragic death of five year old Jaclyn in Highland Park Carly Rousso was given a DUI citation at Evanston Hospital on Monday night, Labor Day, September 3,  eight days ago and then booked and released on an own recognizance (“OR”) $3000 bond, for driving under the influence a 2003 Lexis Coupe registered to her father. ... Read more »

Wheels of justice in death of 5 year old North Shore girl grind slowly but surely

A five year old’s life cut short by alleged chemical DUI Earlier this week, on Monday afternoon, Carly A. Rousso, who has lived out of state for the last 18 months but has been identified in the media as “of the 2300 block of Woodpath Lane in Highland Park,” was driving east in a Lexus... Read more »