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Eye on Dan Proft, on his way to work for Senators/Presidential wannabees Ted Cruz or Rand Paul and, ultimately, the Fox News Channel?

Proft  leaves WLS AM-Radio– and considers working for a Republican Party Presidential Candidate? Dan Proft, 42, effectively left WLS-AM Radio earlier this month (either voluntarily or his contract was not renewed). For the last three years, Proft has teamed up with Bruce Wolf to host the morning 5 to 9 am, WLS morning drive show.... Read more »

Don Wade to have brain surgery, following last week’s seizure. Don and Roma:On injured reserve for at least 4 weeks; Hartford calls Don Wade cheap

Drew Hayes: Yeah, how do you go [on] after that [follow an animal act]?  But, here’s the thing.  Just do what Don does. John Kass [Chicago Tribune columnist]: Put on a radio show. Drew Hayes [WLS 890 AM radio operations chief]: Put on a radio show. Jake Hartford: And save every dime he ever made.... Read more »