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Berkowitz debates w Robling: Can IL Rs come back from near death by opposing Pritzker's tax & spend? Cable & Web

Robling argues that Pritzker and Democrats are the party of high property taxes—and that is robbing most Illinois citizens of the equity in their homes, Robling says IL R legislators can beat Pritzker by offering lower taxes, fewer regulations & more economic growth/private sector jobs. 32 yr old law school student & Deputy Gov. Christian... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w/Bergman on IL's cancerous pension tumor; Rauner or Pritzker the cure? Cable & Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition  of Public Affairs features  Bill Bergman, a Truth in Accounting expert in public sector financial CANCERS. Bergman discusses Chicago’s and Illinois’ financial mess, which is like a growing tumor. Who made it possible for the tumor to grow?   Well, who made the decision to increase state and city employee and... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz w Truth in Accounting's Bergman on IL & Chicago's financial disasters: Cable & Web

Tonight’s Chicago Metro suburban edition of Public Affairs features Bill Bergman, a three decade expert in private and public sector finance and financial issues, and currently Director of Research at Truth in Accounting.  Bergman discusses the financial mess that characterizes the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois.  You can watch the program with... Read more »

Berkowitz w/Wirepoint's Ted Dabrowski on exploding IL Gov Pensions & bankruptcy as a cure, Tonight on Chicago Cable & Web

Ted Dabrowski [Wirepoints.com, President]: …IL state employee and teacher pensions have gone up … 8 times more than [state disposable] income—[state government pensions] are overwhelming everything.    ****** Ted Dabrowski: [No. 1] No more government pensions. You do a 401K, like they do in the private sector. No. 2… If you look at the Chicago... Read more »

Has Gov. Rauner already lost to Dem JB Pritzker in the Governor's race? Berkowitz w/pundit Robling, Cable & Web

Chris Robling [pundit]:…What we are talking about is an irreparably broken relationship between Rauner and the base of the State GOP, which will cause Pritzker to win, so Republicans will have zero re-districting influence in 2021. Berkowitz: … I will discuss, at the end of tonight’s show, how to repair the relationship between Rauner and... Read more »

You give us 90 seconds- We give you what you need to know for your Governor vote.

–Indeed, this may be Rauner’s only accomplishment as Governor- A liar in a League of his Own.  ******* Missed this week’s Public Affairs, not to worry, you can watch 24/7 the show with Republican Party Gubernatorial challenger Jeanne Ives  (22 minutes) and  Berkowitz’s commentary on the Dem Gov Primary and Fall Gov general election (7 ... Read more »

You give us 90 seconds? We give you, in 90 second videos, what you need to know for your IL Governor vote

Missed this week’s Public Affairs, not to worry, you can watch 24/7 the show with Republican Party Gubernatorial challenger Jeanne Ives  (22 minutes) and  Berkowitz’s commentary on the Dem Gov Primary and Fall Gov general election (7  minutes) by clicking here. Only have nine minutes or maybe just a minute to find out what’s going... Read more »

Watch almost live at 5 pm today, Berkowitz w/Gov Candidate Ives on Rauner's lies- and more! Cable/Web

This afternoon’s City of Chicago special edition of the Public Affairs TV show features State Rep. and Republican gubernatorial primary challenger Jeanne Ives. It airs at 5 pm on Cable Ch. 21 (CAN TV) throughout the city. You can also watch the show featuring Gov Candidate Ives by clicking here The show repeats again tomorrow... Read more »

Gov. Rauner debates his ads about Jeanne Ives w/Berkowitz: Truthful or gross distortions?

Jeff Berkowitz: You have any evidence supporting your ads… that argue Ives is in the tank for Speaker Madigan & wants increased taxes…? Gov. Rauner: Her statements... and her votes. Rep. Ives said [to] Crain’s editorial board she did not support rolling back the Madigan income tax, now… Ives said she couldn’t get the $5... Read more »

Watch Berkowitz square off with Plaintiff's Trial Lawyer Matt Belcher on Worker's comp, tort and education reform, Cable/Web; Ron Gidwitz featured next week

What happens, hypothetically speaking, when Speaker Madigan asks a typical plaintiff’s trial lawyer specializing in Worker’s comp. insurance cases to reach a compromise on the causation standard used  to resolve Worker’s compensation lawsuits?  Does Illinois have a bad business litigation and tort liability climate relative to surrounding states and if so why? Could more charter... Read more »