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Better than Hannity or Maddow w/anybody: Berkowitz w/free marketeer Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips on Cable/web

Brad Lips [CEO of Atlas Network]:  When Rahm Emanuel brought up the “Never let a crisis go to waste,” quote, I think that was a rather cynical way to look at the [2008-09 economic] crisis that we were experiencing in the U. S., and he was talking about it as a way to mobilize a left... Read more »

Better than TV coverage of the Wisconsin Gubernatorial Recall election: Berkowitz w/Brad Lips on Cable/Web re the choice of more government or more free markets

This week’s Chicago Suburban edition of Public Affairs, featuring Brad Lips, CEO of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, debating and discussing with show host Jeff Berkowitz whether too much free market or too much government  was responsible for the 2008 economic crash, airs tonight in 24 North and Northwest Chicago suburbs at 8:30 pm on Cable... Read more »