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Top Ten things to know about President Trump's first 92 days in office.

10. Respect for America and its willingness to project military strength are back. The strike in Syria two weeks ago against Assad did that. To his credit, President Obama’s caution kept the U. S. far away from a 2 $ trillion, 6000 casualty, 50,000 severe injuries, 15 year wasteful war like the Iraq War. But... Read more »

Gov. Rauner’s 2018 Re-election theme was embedded in his budget speech: winning the middle voters with pale pastels

Revised at 4 pm on Thursday. Dabrowski was critical of Gov. Rauner for including too many spending increases– and leaving the door open to tax hikes— which the Illinois Policy Institute seems to view like a plague of locusts that leads to famine. Or, as Bill Clinton and Governor Rauner might say, “It’s political economy,... Read more »

Berkowitz goes 1 on 3: on NYT’s Maureen Dowd and Carl Hulse and IOP’s David Axelrod

David Axelrod (Director, UChicago Institute of Politics and former Senior Advisor to President Obama, 2002-12): Jeff Berkowitz, you can lead off the “Young at heart,” questioning. Jeff Berkowitz: … alum of the UChicago Law School and Graduate School of Economics.  Thank you David, for that introduction. So, following up on the last question …haven’t the... Read more »

All Hell broke loose last night about Hillary and Trump

Text revised significantly at 12:45 pm on Saturday. And, finally, Trump should ask Rep. Chaffetz—“When you say you can’t endorse me because you have a 15 year old daughter, are you saying Hillary’s enabling of Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults makes Hillary a better role model for your daughter than me.” This is also one of... Read more »

State Rep. Sandack’s mistake? Resigning over a sexual peccadillo

Link to Saturday’s Chicago Tribune update on Rep. Sandack’s “Inappropriate activities,” added to this post on Monday morning at 2 am Sandack resigns mysteriously two months ago Former state Rep. Ron Sandack (R-Downer’s Grove), one of Governor Rauner’s most knowledgeable and articulate defenders of Rauner’s Turnaround Agenda, resigned his house seat abruptly about two months... Read more »

Did Bernie Sanders turn Hillary Clinton into a Progressive, Socialist Centrist?

–The Clintons’ quest for the Presidency begins in 1971 at Yale Law School Since their Yale Law School dating began 45 years ago, Hillary and Bill Clinton have had the duel career goals of the presidency.  Step 1 was to get Bill Clinton elected President and then Hillary would follow. Bill Clinton built his career... Read more »

The top four reasons why Hillary made Tim Kaine the Democratic VP nominee

In a stereotype reversal, if the man on the Presidential ticket, Senator Tim Kaine, can soften the sharp edges and elbows of the first woman nominated for President- making her a bit more likeable- that alone might transform Hillary into a winner. 4. The first thing you notice about Tim Kaine is how opposite his... Read more »

Is CEO Trump handling his campaign negligently? The Melania Trump/Meredith McIver plagiarism

Revised and links added at 9:50  pm on Wednesday. And the Donald tells us he is smarter than everybody else.  He will make smart trade deals he says, not like the ones Clinton, Bush and Obama made. And, yet the smartest guy of all can’t produce an organization that prevents his wife from delivering a... Read more »

The Republican Party’s last clear chance to block Trump’s hostile takeover

If on March 13… it looks like Trump is likely to win the Ohio Primary on March 15, beating Kasich 42 % to 35 %, Cruz and Rubio should each direct their supporters to vote for Kasich… ************************ Due to businessman/entertainer/celebrity Donald Trump’s big-time victories in Republican primaries and caucuses so far (Trump has won... Read more »

Is Mayor Rahm Emanuel fiddling while Chicago burns?

This is a public letter to Chicago’s 2nd term Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Dear Mr. Mayor, Do you only do campaigns and not government?  That is what your good friend and mine, Democratic Party campaign comsultant Pete Giangreco, brags he does. But, unlike Pete, you were elected Chicago Mayor in 2011 to accomplish, via government, certain... Read more »