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Finally, the Fat Lady sings, Dillard concedes and Rauner wins the Republican Gov Primary by 3%. Brady and Rutherford are also rans.

Rauner 1, unions 0 With 99% of the vote counted, Winnetkan Bruce Rauner has the IL Republican nomination for Governor tucked safely up his sleeve, along with his $18 watch and 700 million dollar net worth.  Yes, it wasn’t the double digit lead over his closest competitor, Senator Dillard (the career pol lately aligned with... Read more »

Better than a wild White House Obama party: Berkowitz w/ Candidates Rauner, Dillard, Brady, Tracy, Rodriguez and CBS-2 News’ Levine, Web and Cable

Jeff Berkowitz: …I would expect Jay Levine from Ch. 2, you’ve got what? 30 to 40 years of [political media] experience to say, “It’s over, you can stick a fork in Dillard and Brady, they’re done. ” Jay Levine: It’s never over until it is over. [watch the show here] ****************************** R Gov candidate Rauner:... Read more »

Gov candidate Dillard’s last hurrah and last Hail Mary, calling Bruce Rauner, “The King of Pay to Play.”

Kirk Dillard: Bruce Rauner is an ultimate insider and literally the [biggest] King of Pay to Play politics that I have ever seen in Illinois.  He is the worst kind of insider. He is… ************************************  Kirk Dillard—Governor in Training for three decades Kirk Dillard has seen himself as Governor in Training for the last three... Read more »

Better than a date with Cate Blanchett: Berkowitz w/ Rich Miller and Gov Candidate Dan Rutherford, Web and Cable

Rich Miller: …if Rauner comes way, way down, if those things work out and everybody else can’t go up because Rauner is going after them, then it is a four way crawl to the finish line- bloody, broken bodies crawling to the finish line. ********************************** Jeff Berkowitz: So, Rauner wins, now we are going to... Read more »

A stupendously, stupid discussion of minimum wages between CLTV show host Paul Lisnek and Gov Candidate Brady

As we get down to the wire in the Republican Primary Governor’s  race, watch for desperate candidates to say and do stupid things.  Downstate Republican Senator Bill Brady, who has been running a reasonably good campaign, is getting frustrated because he feels his slim chances to become his party’s nominee slipping away– due to the... Read more »

Better than one of Carol Marin's "factual pieces," on the IL Gov race on NBC-5; Berkowitz w/Berkowitz on the Governor's race,Cable and the Web

We are going to give you the winner of the Republican Primary Governor’s race more than 30 days before the election on March 18, 2014…and the winner of the November, 2014 Governor’s race, including a detailed assessment of why each candidate did as well or as poorly as he, in fact, will do. The  show featuring... Read more »

Way better than Rachel Maddow interviewing Bill O'Reilly: Berkowitz predicting the winners in the Republican Primary Gov race and general election Governor's race, Web and Cable

Jeff Berkowitz: … We are going to give you tonight the winner of the Republican Primary Governor’s race– more than 30 days before the election– and give you the final percentages of votes received for each candidate… and we will give you the winner in the November, 2014 gubernatorial general election race… Tonight’s City of... Read more »

Dan Rutherford's sexual harassment accuser questioned by Jay Levine. When will Rutherford confront his political issue?

State Treasurer and Republican Primary gubernatorial candidate Dan Rutherford has a problem:  A former employee has filed a federal lawsuit accusing Dan of sexual harassment and abuse of political power, i.e., essentially of coercing him to engage in political work on state time  to benefit Rutherford.  Is Rutherford’s accuser credible? CBS- 2 Chief News correspondent... Read more »

Better than Mike Flannery w/Dan Rutherford: Berkowitz w/ Ron Gidwitz, Finance Chair of the Rauner Campaign, Cable and soon on web

Tonight’s Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban and next Monday night’s North Shore suburban edition of “Public Affairs,” features Ron Gidwitz, 2006 Republican Primary Gubernatorial  Candidate and 2014 Finance Chair and Co-Chair of the Rauner for Governor Campaign Why is Bruce Rauner way ahead in the Republican Gubernatorial Primary? Why did Gidwitz support Kirk Dillard... Read more »

Better than WTTW on sexual harassment/political abuse allegations against Rutherford: Berkowitz w/ 2006 Gov Candidate Gidwitz on the 2014 Gov race, Cable and Web

Jeff Berkowitz: …Some would say Dan Rutherford is “Dead man walking,” due to allegations coming out of the State Treasurer’s office.  Would that be fair? ******************** Ron Gidwitz:  …The problem is that [Brady and Dillard] don’t have the message… Bruce Rauner is the only guy of the four guys running for office that has the... Read more »