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Top Ten things to know about President Trump's first 92 days in office.

10. Respect for America and its willingness to project military strength are back. The strike in Syria two weeks ago against Assad did that. To his credit, President Obama’s caution kept the U. S. far away from a 2 $ trillion, 6000 casualty, 50,000 severe injuries, 15 year wasteful war like the Iraq War. But... Read more »

Moving from Radogno's Grand Bargain to Rauner's small bargain: will the Republican base cheerlead for Governor Rauner again?

Text supplemented and revised– and video (re Sen. Biss, AFSCME and Bayer) and other links added at 4:10 pm on Saturday. Ironically, it might be the more than three decade IL House Speaker Mike Madigan who will make the limited government, liberty, free market oriented Illinois Policy Institute, leader of the Republican Party base, happy-... Read more »

Watch Constitutional Law Expert David Applegate discuss w/Berkowitz Trump and the Supreme Court nomination process: Cable/Web

David Applegate [making predictions as of January 9, 2017] : The next Supreme Court Justice of the U. S. will be …  However, the important part of tonight’s discussion is the explanation of the process that most likely any President goes through as she or he picks a Supreme Court nominee.  If he or she... Read more »

Better than tomorrow's Thom Serafin Holiday Party: Berkowitz w/UChicago Law School's Geof Stone on Trumping the Supreme Court

Prof. Geoffrey Stone: I don’t care whether Trump is a Republican or a Democrat—or a liberal or a conservative—I do not trust my country with him. Watch Prof. Stone tonight at 8:30 pm and Midnight on Cable Ch. 21 You can watch, 24/7, UChicago Law School professor Stone, author of a dozen scholarly books, fifty... Read more »

State Rep. Sandack’s mistake? Resigning over a sexual peccadillo

Link to Saturday’s Chicago Tribune update on Rep. Sandack’s “Inappropriate activities,” added to this post on Monday morning at 2 am Sandack resigns mysteriously two months ago Former state Rep. Ron Sandack (R-Downer’s Grove), one of Governor Rauner’s most knowledgeable and articulate defenders of Rauner’s Turnaround Agenda, resigned his house seat abruptly about two months... Read more »

Is CEO Trump handling his campaign negligently? The Melania Trump/Meredith McIver plagiarism

Revised and links added at 9:50  pm on Wednesday. And the Donald tells us he is smarter than everybody else.  He will make smart trade deals he says, not like the ones Clinton, Bush and Obama made. And, yet the smartest guy of all can’t produce an organization that prevents his wife from delivering a... Read more »

Is Mayor Rahm Emanuel fiddling while Chicago burns?

This is a public letter to Chicago’s 2nd term Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Dear Mr. Mayor, Do you only do campaigns and not government?  That is what your good friend and mine, Democratic Party campaign comsultant Pete Giangreco, brags he does. But, unlike Pete, you were elected Chicago Mayor in 2011 to accomplish, via government, certain... Read more »

What do voters really want? Berkowitz w/WGN TV political analyst Chris Robling, Cable and Web

Chris Robling: …there is prudential judgment– what does that mean? Sometimes [the Republicans] negotiate and sometimes you send a bill to the White House that does want to veto it. Why ? Because, that way you make your point– We support that bill and the White House gets to make its point– We oppose that... Read more »

Gov. Rauner says "Significant progress," in negotiations w/ Speaker Madigan and President Cullerton. What are they smoking? Time to fire up the IL budget process?

Flannery video link added at 10:30 am IL Gov. Bruce Rauner: …There are many members in the General Assembly in both parties- both parties–who want reforms… I am cautiously optimistic [But, read the full Q/A below and  Watch here to learn about the non-marijuana “Alternate realities,”  inhabited by President Cullerton and Gov. Rauner] . The... Read more »

The Way We Were when Senator Obama promised so much in 2007--a time of innocence and confidences-- on Cable/Web

Movie and music Links added at 10:20 pm on Tuesday. Tonight’s Chicago Metro north and northwest suburban episode of Public Affairs features a younger and perhaps more hopeful and inspiring Barack Obama– than the man who currently resides in the White House– announcing his run for President on February 10,  2007 in Springfield, IL.  A... Read more »