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Watch Berkowitz w IL Trea. cand. Dodge on Quincy,JB's fraud scheme, safe state investing, Cable&Web

Tonight’s Chicago metro North and Northwest Suburban edition of Public Affairs features IL State Treasurer Candidate Jim Dodge (R-Orland Park). The show airs at 8:30 pm as indicated below on Cable Channel 19 or 35, as indicated below, depending on the suburb.  You won’t want to miss tonight’s show: When many Republican candidates have lost... Read more »

Watch Jeff Berkowitz w best selling NYT author Heather Mac Donald, War on Cops or War on Blacks? Cable and Web

Jeff Berkowitz: So, the cop gets out of his car, shoots sixteen times in six seconds a 16 year old black teen who is …walking away from the cop… Berkowitz: …Mayor Emanuel keeps the Laquan McDonald video from the public, Emanuel is re-elected…a War on Cops or War on Blacks? Heather Mac Donald: …You could... Read more »

Watch IL AG Dem candidate Aaron Goldstein argue to Berkowitz in favor of putting banksters in jail, Cable & Web

Berkowitz: Do the big banks here in IL need to be investigated? Goldstein: Certainly… they got away with tons of crimes and they were never sent to jail, they were never indicted… ******** Aaron Goldstein: … AG Lisa Madigan was very cautious… on big issues…on big banks, corporations, corruption and criminal justice reform– she was ... Read more »

AG Lisa Madigan and Speaker Madigan do a political tag team on Gov. Rauner and Comptroller Munger: State Shutdown in Circuit Court

Revised at 7:55 am on Wednesday The loving father [Speaker Mike] loves his daughter [AG Madigan], and she him– nothing wrong with that. –It’s about politics? When someone tells you it is not about the money– it’s about the money.  Similarly, when Deputy Solicitor General for the State of Illinois, Brett Legner, on behalf of... Read more »

On the campaign trail with Gov. Pat Quinn: social issues as important as jobs? IL way below the median U. S. unemployment rate?

Gov. Quinn: I think those [social issues the economy and jobs] are all important issues. I don’t think we should divide issues. Every issue counts… This reporter caught up with Gov. Quinn last night at Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant, in the Old Orchard Shopping Center in Skokie, IL.  The Governor had just finished his talk... Read more »

Governor Quinn: Fighting for unions and against moms and the severely disabled? Watch Public Affairs, Cable and Web

Paul Kersey debates and discusses tonight with show host Jeff Berkowitz, on the City of Chicago edition of “Public Affairs,” the issues raised by mom Pam Harris’ lawsuit against Gov. Quinn. The show airs throughout the City of Chicago at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 21 [CANTV]. Kersey is the Director of Labor Policy at the Illinois... Read more »

The Blagojevich retrial: Reading the jurors' minds and Rod's response.

The Blagojevich retrial: Reading the jurors' minds and Rod's response.
Three questions for Rod Blagojevich: If you were a juror sitting in Judge Zagel’s federal courtroom on the 25th floor of the Dirksen Building in Chicago yesterday afternoon, you probably had three questions you wanted to ask defendant and former IL Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich, as the government finished the 7th day of its case:   1.     ... Read more »