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Bettter than Donald Trump debating Megyn Kelly, Berkowitz w/ UChicago economist Allen Sanderson on minimum wages and school choice, Cable and Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features University of Chicago Senior Lecturer in economics, Allen Sanderson, discussing, among other issues, minimum wages, unemployment, charter schools, education reform, the low rate of literacy in CPS, school vouchers  and school choice.    The show airs throughout the City of Chicago tonight at 8:30 pm and... Read more »

Will Mayor Emanuel decide to oppose minimum wage increases after watching tonight’s suburban episode of Public Affairs, on web and cable?

With such a smart city, wouldn’t you think the Mayor would charge his working group with deciding if the “Science” suggests we would benefit our city as a whole by raising, lowering or keeping the minimum wage the same? ***************************************** Tonight’s suburban episode of Public Affairs, featuring Economics Professor Allen  Sanderson,  focuses on the impact... Read more »

Better than Chris Wallace w/Jill Abramson: Berkowitz w/UChicago econ professor Allen Sanderson on minimum wage increases, Cable and Web

Allen Sanderson: I wish [Bruce Rauner] had stuck with his position [that Illinois should lower, not raise, its minimum wage] because he was absolutely right. *************************************** Allen Sanderson: …The Congressional Budget Office… estimate was 500,000 jobs would be lost [with an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10/hr.] Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of “Public... Read more »