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Will Mayor Emanuel decide to oppose minimum wage increases after watching tonight’s suburban episode of Public Affairs, on web and cable?

With such a smart city, wouldn’t you think the Mayor would charge his working group with deciding if the “Science” suggests we would benefit our city as a whole by raising, lowering or keeping the minimum wage the same? ***************************************** Tonight’s suburban episode of Public Affairs, featuring Economics Professor Allen  Sanderson,  focuses on the impact... Read more »

Better than Chris Wallace w/Jill Abramson: Berkowitz w/UChicago econ professor Allen Sanderson on minimum wage increases, Cable and Web

Allen Sanderson: I wish [Bruce Rauner] had stuck with his position [that Illinois should lower, not raise, its minimum wage] because he was absolutely right. *************************************** Allen Sanderson: …The Congressional Budget Office… estimate was 500,000 jobs would be lost [with an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10/hr.] Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of “Public... Read more »