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Trump paid $38 million in 2005 taxes. Where’s the story, Rachel Maddow?

–No Presidential requirement to release tax returns There is no law that requires the President of the United States to release his or her tax returns to the public. Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution requires that a candidate for President be 35 and a natural born citizen. Congress has passed legislation that requires... Read more »

The final odds in the Illinois Republican Gubernatorial Primary

Andy Mckenna, 4 to 1 What can you say, there is no other way to describe Andy McKenna other than as the money candidate. Unlike his 2004 Republican Primary U. S. Senate bid, where he spent 2.5 million dollars of his own money and a similar amount from his friends and family for a 4th place finish and 14%... Read more »

The IL GOP, Fired up and Ready to Go?

The State GOP’s leader Borrowing a favorite chant of then presidential candidate, Barack Obama, it appears that the State GOP is “Fired up and ready to go.” Further, by the end of Tuesday, it will become the party of diversity, at least when it come to having picked its leader. After all, the real leader of the state GOP, at... Read more »