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Better than Charlie Rose w/the late Tim Russert: Berkowitz w/ABC-7 News' Charles Thomas on Cable/Web debating the successes/failures of President Obama, and much more

Charles Thomas [ABC-7 News Chief Political Reporter] : Here is the problem for the Republican Party. They haven’t expanded their base. They are still basically a white, suburban party and they haven’t added people, so you have to wonder, where is the majority going to come from, if they haven’t expanded– ********************************* This week’s City... Read more »

Watch Paul Meincke, ABC-7 News Reporter, discuss the Blagojevich retrial with show host Jeff Berkowitz

Jeff Berkowitz:  You know this stuff…your prediction? Is Rod Blagojevich going to be found guilty in his second trial of a significant number of counts? Paul Meincke [ABC-7 News]: Let me just say this as a qualifier. I said in the first trial I thought he would be found guilty and he was on one... Read more »