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All Hell broke loose last night about Hillary and Trump

Text revised significantly at 12:45 pm on Saturday. And, finally, Trump should ask Rep. Chaffetz—“When you say you can’t endorse me because you have a 15 year old daughter, are you saying Hillary’s enabling of Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults makes Hillary a better role model for your daughter than me.” This is also one of... Read more »

Round 10 and Round 11 go to Romney, 10 to 9; Debate over, Romney wins

  Round 9, economy generally, goes to Romney, 10-9 Round 10, misimpressions of  Obama and Romney. Obama: I don’t think ‘government creates jobs, where did you get that idea. I just want to help people. Romney: I want to focus on getting the economy going and creating jobs.  Round 10 goes to Romney, 10 to... Read more »

Round 7, debate completely out of control, Crowley is useless, 1 to 0 for Romney

Obama looks like he is trying to copy Biden and be rude, uncivil to Romney. This round might have lost Presidency for Obama. Somebody in debate prep has persuaded Obama that being nasty to Romney will win him votes among independents in swing states.  I think Obama advisers have lost their mind.    Purportedly this... Read more »

Round 6, yet another stupid question, 1-0 for Romney

Question is essentially: I am struggling, what do you say? Obama lists everything that he can think of that he did and says, see, I did it all.  Yes, you are struggling, but I did everything I could do. Romney says I would , unlike Obama, do things to help you.  This was such a... Read more »

Round 5, a tie, 0 to 0

Another stupid, biased against Romney, question from audience. Essentially, it said, Mitt, aren’t you just another George Bush, how do you plead. The question was stupid, the answers so mushy, no score for either on this one.

Round 4, a tie, 8 to 8

Stupid lilly ledbetter question from the audience, arguing women get less in salary because of discrimination. Question’s premise is wrong. Both answers were pedestrian, a wash, a tie. CNN and Crowley can’t be trusted ever again with a Presidential debate.

Round 2 of 2nd Presidential Debate goes to Romney, 10-9

Round 2 of 2nd Presidential Debate goes to Romney, 10-9. Round 2 is a hodgepodge on gas prices, oil exploration, renewable energy. Romney challenges Obama and they go toe to toe for a minute or two.  Essentially, Romney argues nobody believes you are for exploration in oil, etc. Nobody believes you are for all of... Read more »

Round 1 of 2nd Pres. Debate-- on jobs, Detroit bankruptcy goes to Obama, 10-8, with help from moderator Crowley

Crowley gives   Round 1 to Obama on Detroit bankruptcy by not letting Romney respond. Romney has two opponents so far: Obama and Crowley