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Watch Gragert successfully pick the Gubernatorial primary winners before the election & explain why Rauner & Pritzker won

Tonight’s City of  Chicago edition of the Public Affairs TV show features Dennis Gragert, publisher and owner of the Daily Whale, a twice a weekday (early morning and late afternoon) email composed of political, government and business Chicago Metro & Illinois aggregation and original source articles. Gragert also is the owner of Gragert Research, a... Read more »

You give us 90 seconds- We give you what you need to know for your Governor vote.

–Indeed, this may be Rauner’s only accomplishment as Governor- A liar in a League of his Own.  ******* Missed this week’s Public Affairs, not to worry, you can watch 24/7 the show with Republican Party Gubernatorial challenger Jeanne Ives  (22 minutes) and  Berkowitz’s commentary on the Dem Gov Primary and Fall Gov general election (7 ... Read more »

Trumping Trump's SOTU, Watch Berkowitz & Rep. Skillicorn assess the 2018 IL Republican and Democratic Primary Gubernatorial candidates, Cable and Web

State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:  Who is going to pay for [JB Pritzker’s programs]… it can’t come just from [high income earners] with a progressive income tax. It’s going to be a massive income tax hike on middle and lower class… State Rep. Skillicorn: So, Rauner didn’t even try to change minds on the [2017 $5... Read more »