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Better than partying on New Year's Eve: Berkowitz with 2nd CD candidate Rev. Pickens, Cable and Web

Rev. Larry Pickens (D-Calumet Heights, 2nd CD): I think [school vouchers-school choice] needs to be part of the discussion… *********************************** Rev. Pickens: [I  want to tell the voters that] I am a lawyer who understands law making but I am also a pastor who is able to respond to needs in a specific way… ****************************************************... Read more »

And then there were six: Sen.Trotter trots out of the 2nd CD race.

With State Sen. Donne Trotter backing out yesterday of the 2nd CD race to replace the “purportedly bi-polar,” ethically, marriage vows and legally challenged Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Third Airport), that leaves six major 2nd CD candidates in the Democratic  Primary (based on Money, Organization, Message, Political History and Base)– listed below in rough order... Read more »

Better than Modern Family: Berkowitz w/ 2nd CD Dem Candidate Rev. Pickens on jobs, education and Sen. Trotter's arrest- Cable and Web

Can the 2nd Cong. District become a developed country now that Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr., who was obsessed for almost two decades with building a third airport on the far south side,  has left Congress?   Should kids in failing public schools in the 2nd CD get a shot at life,  not being shot  and... Read more »

Better than Monday night football: Berkowitz w/ likely 2014 Republican Primary Gov. Candidate senator Bill Brady, Cable and Web

Jeff Berkowitz: Yeah, so you got to get the those pension payments down relative to economic growth for the state Sen. Bill Brady: Every day the Governor delays to lead on this, we’re digging a deeper hole. ******************************************************* Tonight’s City o f  Chicago edition  of “Public Affairs,” features Senator Bill Brady (R-Bloomington), almost surely a candidate... Read more »

Better than Carol Marin w/Governor Quinn: Berkowitz w/2014 likely Gov candidate Bill Brady, Cable/Web

Jeff Berkowitz:  …Alright, so you have laid out your platform, you’ve got to do the pension [reform] ,as you’ve said, you’ve got to get that income tax [increase] removed, so you’re stimulating growth in the private sector.  Anything else you’re running on here for Governor in 2014?  …this guy is ahead, [Bill] Brady, he’s laid... Read more »

Better than Monday Nite Football: R u ready for some Politics- Berkowitz w/State GOP Chairman Pat Brady, Cable and Web

Why did the Illinois Republicans lose the  Governor’s race in 2010?  Who should be blamed for the disastrous election results for the Illinois Republicans in 2012?  If Illinois Republicans really believe in accountability, would State House Republican Leader Tom Cross and Senate Republican Leader  Chris  Radogno get to keep their positions as Republican leaders? Would... Read more »

Better than Chris Wallace w/Hillary Clinton: Berkowitz w/author and Booth Business School Professor Luigi Zingales

Jeff Berkowitz: …What would happen? That third way [that you recommended]. Manage bankruptcies. Don’t bail out AIG. Don’t bail out Lehman Bros., but manage it and creditors should incur costs. Professor Luigi Zingales: Should incur losses. Absolutely. Jeff Berkowitz: Because they took bad risks and they should be—if you’re taught that you are going to... Read more »

Better than Stephanopoulos w/Austan Goolsbee: Berkowitz w/Prof. Luigi Zingales, on Cable and the web

Professor Luigi Zingales: You know, I think that if you are Greece, and you are dramatically capping government expenditure because you have to fix the budget, will this decrease GDP? Absolutely. If that is Keynesian economics, Keynesian economics is right. But, if you think you can bring prosperity by spending more, Greece would be the... Read more »

CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett answers questions from the media on school closings and CPS performance.

You would think that parents would be rioting in the streets if after 17 years of Chicago Public School reform, only 25% of the CPS 4th Grade kids were reading at grade level. But, according to the Mainstream reporters present at the City Club of Chicago yesterday, Mayor Emanuel and CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett, the... Read more »

Better than Flannery and Hill w/Cullerton-Dillard: Berkowitz w/2014 Republican candidate for Governor Dan Proft? on Cable/Web

Dan Proft:  [If I am a state GOP leader],  the first thing I do [before the Holidays set in] is make a public statement and put together a coalition of the willing- of the people who are interested in re-thinking how the Republican Party operates—and send a message to the Illinois electorate that we received... Read more »