Watch Berkowitz w Robling: Can IL GOP arise from dead via Ken Griffin? Gov. Pritzker grossly overpaying Sr. Staff? Cable & Web

Bruce Rauner managed to drive IL GOP into toilet while spending hundreds of millions getting elected and UNELECTED!!

... Rauner lying to the Cardinal surely a mortal sin!

32 yr old law school student & Deputy Gov. Christian Mitchell a 278K/yr Exec., as Pritzker contends?

Pritzker take us all for a Ship of FOOLS?

IL ready for yet another billionaire- Ken Griffin- to clean up Rauner’s disaster & Pritzker’s mess in the making ?


Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Chris Robling, Republican political analyst.

The show airs throughout Chicago at 8:30 pm and midnight on Cable Ch. 21 (CAN TV).

You can also watch the show w Robling 24/7 by clicking here.

The big question for Robling and any other IL Republican who cares about her Party is how can the State GOP recover from it’s current all time low.

In short, Bruce Rauner came in with high hopes in 2015 and managed to drive the Party into the toilet while spending several hundred million dollars.

Moreover, in the process, Rauner got named the Worst Governor in the Country by the best conservative magazine in the country, the National Review.

Chris Robling took a more moderate view than the show host, noting that Illinois is a very blue state and Bruce Rauner overcame that embedded Democratic Party bias in 2014 to become Governor, but Rauner couldn’t come anywhere close to that in 2018, as he was slaughtered by Democrat JB Pritzker in Rauner’s bid for re-election.

Show host Berkowitz and Robling agree that lopsided Rauner loss was in large part due to Rauner’s bizarre political move to support taxpayer funded abortions after promising his base and Cardinal Cupich that he would not support that legislation. Lying about your opponent, Jeanne Ives, is one thing. Lying to the Cardinal is surely a mortal sin.

Robling argues that now it’s Governor Pritzker’s turn to upset the average Illinois voter by raising taxes, increasing regulations and destroying the climate for economic and job growth in Illinois.

Robling says that IL Republicans need to offer the people “A choice, not an echo” in the form of lower taxes, fewer regulations, smaller government, more economic growth and private sector jobs.

Robling argues that Pritzker and Democrats are the party of high property taxes—and that is robbing most Illinois citizens of the equity in their homes, which is the primary investment for most citizens.

An example of Pritzker’s governing style, says Robling, is his passage of a $15 minimum wage, as payback to unions who supported Pritzker and Democrat state legislators.

As a result of the higher minimum wage, many employees, union & non-union, will be replaced by automated equipment, which becomes more attractive as wages are artificially inflated above the market wage.

Also, companies will leave IL for states with a lower minimum wage, causing even more IL unemployment.

Show host Berkowitz raises the issue of super-inflated salaries of Gov. Pritzker’s senior staff. Pritzker defends the salaries, saying he is paying for the inflated portion of the salary, so it costs the tax payer no more than usual. However, this ignores the impact on salaries of their successors under different Governors, who will not pay half the salary.

Further,  the higher salaries will ripple through the State bureaucracy, causing hundreds or even thousands of employees to get higher salaries—and those salaries will all be paid by taxpayers.

Perhaps the best example of such an inflated salary is Deputy Gov. Christian Mitchell, 32, and a former State Rep. who made about 70K per year and spent some time in law school & part time on some political campaigns.

Is Mitchell a 278K/yr Exec., as Pritzker contends?

Pritzker must take us all for FOOLS. Mitchell, like prior Deputy Governors, would be happy to make half that compensation.

Same with Chief of Staff Ann Caprara, being paid just shy of $300,000 per year. Nobody in IL Government, including experienced Governors, has ever come close to that salary.

Ann brings to the table 16 years of Dem Party campaign experience. She has no expertise related to the State’s complex and enormous pension, Medicaid & education problems.

Same is true with Mitchell, who has no expertise in finance or economics, which is where many of the State’s problems reside.

Berkowitz discusses the excessive salaries, with similar applicable arguments, of Deputy Governors Ruiz (278K) and Hynes (278k). Although they are more experienced than Mitchell and Caprara, they would be happy to accept these jobs for their usual salaries of 150 to 175K.

Similar arguments apply to Emily Bittner, 42, Deputy Chief of Staff, Communications, now making 174 K. Bittner’s expertise is basically in communications and political strategy. She has no expertise in areas that most challenge the Pritzker Administration.

In sum, argues Berkowitz, the above does not bode well for an efficiently run Pritzker administration. Sweet Jesus, Illinois is heading toward a new bottom.

And, how will the mainstream media blame the Republicans for that? I don’t know, but I am sure they will find a way. They are a very creative bunch, when it comes to left wing media bias.


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  • Ken Griffin has enough money to urinate away on his divorce (according to the Tribune) and politics. So long as the economy benefits, good for him.

    Nobody cares about what the two of you were arguing, however.

  • Thanks for your contribution. No doubt you found it exhausting to try to gather your thoughts. Perhaps you will want to rest now for a few weeks:)

  • In reply to Jeff Berkowitz:

    Maybe I'll take your bait a little bit.
    1. On the "IL ready for yet another billionaire- Ken Griffin- to clean up Rauner’s disaster & Pritzker’s mess in the making ?" Ken Griffin's last foray into that was paying for Bill Daley's unsuccessful campaign. This seems to be the same nonpartisan candidate who was being advertised as Obama's chief of staff, although he didn't mention that he was related to Richard I and Richard II.
    2. On your (and I suppose the Pope's emissary Dennis Byrne's) point that abortion lost the election to a person who now Byrne claims is supporting the most radical abortion law in history, consider such things as a conservative finding out that starving the beast (a now disregarded neocon theory) doesn't work, as well as the backlash effect of the Orange one, not only on that race, but also on Erika Harold, Peter Roskam, Randy Hultgren, and sufficient legislators so that a veto cannot be upheld. Consider your political trick in getting Rauner to say that he supported the diseased head of the ticket.

    But since you believe in hack Republican Party politics, you think campaign money, social issues, and party fealty to the point of fascism will cure the Republican Party's problems in Illinois. That's why I said nobody cares about what the 2 of you were arguing about. You received any other comments? Nope.

  • In reply to Jeff Berkowitz:

    I also see that now you have needed at least 3 days "to try to gather your thoughts."

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