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Tonight’s Chicago metro North and Northwest Suburban edition of Public Affairs features IL State Treasurer Candidate Jim Dodge (R-Orland Park).

The show airs at 8:30 pm as indicated below on Cable Channel 19 or 35, as indicated below, depending on the suburb. 

You won't want to miss tonight's show: When many Republican candidates have lost their way, Dodge is a reminder of what it means to be a Republican. 

And, in addition to discussing key issues of the conduct of the IL Treasurer's office and what to do about IL income, property and mileage taxes, the recently in the news accusations of a Pritzker scheme to defraud the government and a Rauner failure to fully and promptly disclose dangers at the Quincy Vet Home are also discussed.       

You can also watch the Dodge show 24/7 by clicking here 

 Dodge discusses with show host Jeff Berkowitz why Dodge thinks his opponent’s (Treasurer Frerich) proposed change in how State funds are invested would be too speculative.

 Further, Dodge argues Frerich’s proposed change is inconsistent with the statutory “Safe & secure,” controls for a State Treasurer’s investment of about $14 billion. Moreover, Dodge asserts that Frerich’s office operation has already drawn a finding that his office has had inadequate internal controls.

A general criticism by State Treasurer Candidate Jim Dodge of his opponent is that “Frerich is ALWAYS trying to EXPAND THE SIZE and SCOPE of the Treasurer’s office,” while Dodge wants to keep government  as small as possible, while still meeting the public needs of Illinois’ citizens.

Along those lines, Dodge would use the Treasurer’s bully pulpit to argue against the adoption of a progressive income tax, which Dodge says would mean a tax increase for middle class voters and perhaps almost all voters. Dodge says his opponent first supported the adoption of a “Progressive income tax,” two decades ago.

Dodge also opposes Illinois’ high property taxes, which he characterized as the highest in the country.  Finally, Dodge said the No. 1 complaint from IL’s citizens that he hears about, as he traverses most of the State’s 102 counties, is high property and income taxes, as well as a vehicle mileage tax, all of which he says his opponent supports.

Dodge emphasized that when he is elected State Treasurer he will be the People’s forceful voice in opposition to IL’s high taxes.  


Tonight suburban edition of Public Affairs, featuring Republican nominee for IL State Treasurer Jim Dodge, airs at 8:30 pm :

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You can learn more about the Republican nominee for IL State Treasurer-- Jim Dodge-- at his Web site.




Jim Dodge’s academic background: DePaul BA and University of Chicago Grad School of Business (Now Booth UChicago Business School) MBA

 Jim Dodge’s employment background: 30 yrs private sector business experience : AC Nielsen, McKenzie & Company

 Jim Dodge’s government experience: 22 years, Village Board of Trustees, Orland Park  

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