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Rahm almost took a [bullet] over Laquan McDonald, but the Sarah Lawrence dance major glided past

Rahm has… homicides spiking very high in 2016…7 yrs of sexual assaults, rapes by CPS faculty & staff of CPS studentsClaypool put in as CPS CEO by Rahm in 2015 to fix CPS, but Rahm's buddy, Claypool, instead he makes it worse [The Four Amigos in 2007 were: Rahm, Claypool, Obama &…]

Garry McCarthy, polling No. 2Garry’s base might be a little bit of everything, but maybe a little bit more of …  But, we’ll let Garry elaborate on that when he tapes our show on August 23rd

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Berkowitz’s assessment of the Chicago Mayoral race. The show airs at 8:30 pm and midnight throughout the City on Cable Ch. 21 [CAN TV].

You can also watch the show 24/7 by clicking here.

The show includes discussion of the major candidates’ key attributes. However, a disproportionate amount of time is spent on Rahm Emanuel. After all, he has a seven year record to dissect.

Further, for many, the election is a referendum on Rahm. If he can get a thumbs up, they may not even look at others.  And, some may feel although Rahm has handled the city’s issues poorly, they are unsure the others have the requisite skills, experience and stamina to even show up for work on a  daily basis. Let's face it-- the job is a bitch. One day, you have to be A HARD ASS! The next, you have to be an EMPATH.

Rahm keeping tabs on one of his direct reports. Should he have done more of this with Claypool. Brainstormed more with McCarthy? Reached outisde of his inner circle for real solutions to the city's educational, fiscal, pension and public safety problems. Too late for that now?

Rahm keeping tabs on one of his quasi- direct reports. Should he have done more of this with Claypool? Brainstormed more with McCarthy? Reached outisde of his inner circle for real solutions to the city's educational, fiscal, managerial and pension problems. Too late for that now?

So, we take a look at some of the major problems erupting in Rahm’s reign: Laquan McDonald’s senseless CPD shoot and cover-up, shooting and murder spiking in the last few years and CPS faculty & staff rapes, assaults and sexual harassment of its students.

---The blame thing: It's more than a game

Who is to blame for the above and can anyone fix Chicago? This is more than can be covered in one episode of Public Affairs.  For example, the awful state of Chicago’s job outlook for minorities; decades long lack of economic development on the south and west sides; public sector pension gross abuse and insolvency; waste and corruption in Chicago’s $10 billion budget and the inability of CPS to teach the great majority of its minority kids how to read at grade level.

Moreover, the show was taped prior to Chicago’s 1st weekend in August consisting of 74 shootings and 12 fatalities from gun violence. It was also taped prior to the release of details of Rahm’s proposed $10 billion pension bond sale. So, these items, along with the others noted above, will have to be added to the mix in future shows.

-- MIA Candidates: A shameful, growing cancer on our city's body politic- and bad journalism drives out good

Indeed, we hope to cover those issues with all of the candidates. However, some of the candidates fear challenging questions and honest discussions of public policy issues more than citizens on the south and west sides fear gun shots.

Indeed, that cowardly attitude by some of the candidates is a growing cancer on the city’s efforts to solve the above problems. Nevertheless, we will continue to urge all candidates to show up on "Public Affairs," and hope the public will punish the others at the ballot box. After all, Obama showed up six times on our show from 2000 [watch July, 2000 Obama here] to 2004 and he became President.


A partial transcript of tonight’s show, taped on August 2,  is included, below:

Jeff Berkowitz: It is estimated that Rahm will raise about 30 million dollars … That can do a lot for his re-election … He is the favorite to win.


Berkowitz: The Presidency was Rahm’s goal. Chicago Mayor was to be just a stepping stone…he always knew it was all about the money…Rahm had a knack for raising money… telling me, “What kind of courage does it take to raise money—what are they going to do? Cut your phone wire.”


Berkowitz: After a stint as senior advisor to Pres. Clinton, Dancer Rahm took a break to earn $ 20 million for himself as an investment banker in the loop…which gave him the freedom to run for Congress and not worry about his next paycheck.

Berkowitz: Rahm’s [upward mobility] almost took a hit in 2014 over Laquan McDonald, but the Sarah Lawrence dance major glided past that—some would say he covered it up-- until he had his 2015 re-election in the bag with the help of $24 million in campaign contributions.


Berkowitz: Jason Van Dyke sizes up the situation in 5 seconds, runs out of his patrol car, sees Laquan McDonald  walking away from him, plugs Laquan 16 times in 6 seconds and the teen is dead. Some would say executed.

Berkowitz: Why did Jason Van Dyke do that…should Van Dyke have been holding a gun? While on the police force…Should someone on Team Rahm have known this was likely to happen & if that’s true- Whose fault was it? Rahm’s? McCarthy’s? Someone else’s?

Berkowitz:  I am glad Gary McCarthy is taping our show on August 23 because I don’t know whose fault it is and we need to discuss that [Along with so much more]. I think it is somebody’s fault [that Van Dyke was in a position to do that shoot] so that is a problem for Rahm. The buck stops with Rahm.

Berkowitz: Then there is the problem of the McDonald shoot video- which Rahm certainly knew about in 2014, soon after the killing…Law Department  successfully fought for a long time the release of the video …so we’d like Rahm to come back on our show [to discuss Laquan McDonald and so much more].


Berkowitz: So, Rahm has Laquan McDonald problem & homicides spiking very high in 2016…he has the sexual assaults, rapes by CPS faculty, staff and volunteers of CPS students...and CPS Special Ed kids sexually assaulting other Special Ed kids…so who’s to blame for that CPS mess?

Berkowitz: CPS Superintendent Claypool to blame ? Rahm to blame for CPS mess since he handpicked his buddy- Claypool to head and fix CPS [help it recover from its prior CPS CEO, Barbara Byrd Bennett, who was sent to prison for corrupt CPS contracts] [Once upon a time, the Four Amigos were Rahm, Obama, Claypool and Axelrod]


Jeff Berkowitz:  Garry McCarthy, polling No. 2 at 16%, he has a base…has name recognition. I would think police like him—some say not-- and fire fighters like him, teachers like him…people say Rahm’s base is a little bit of everything; Garry’s base might also be a little bit of everything, but maybe a little bit more of … but we’ll let Garry tell you when he comes here on August 23rd.  We’re appreciative of  Garry being willing to discuss the public policy issues facing Chicago…


Jeff Berkowitz: [No. 3 or No. 4 in the Mayoral Hit Parade is] Lori Lightfoot, 55, African-American, which is important, race matters…she is a former Fed prosecutor, some would say she is a corporate type… appointed by Rahm to the Chicago Police Board, she is a player…smart, understands public policy, can go toe to toe with Rahm- who is articulate, well spoken… we imagine Garry McCarthy is well spoken, we imagine Lori Lightfoot is well spoken, the Establishment thinks that [speaking well about public policy issues] is necessary to be Mayor…

Berkowitz: But then along comes Trump [who seems to be lacking in such qualifications-- has Trump changed everything?]…Lori would be the first Chicago Mayor from the LGBT communityyet some or many of the progressives think Lori is not progressive enough…for example, she opposes single payer, so did Obama…We have asked Lori to be on our show… her handlers say she is very busy [or perhaps just not ready for a challenging 30 minute, prime time interview-- she prefers the 10 minute softball sessions from her friendly “Journalists”?]


We will provide more of our show’s partial transcript in our blog post tomorrow promoting the suburban edition of our show. And, it will cover our show’s discussion of the other top two mayoral candidates.

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