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Jeff Berkowitz:  [Say] I am your typical 15-17 year old… living on the south or west side of Chicago, I am lucky if my family income is $20,000 or $30,000, what am I doing?

Gary MacDougal You don’t have any choices. You can’t get a job because you probably did six months in prison for selling weed… In the two community-beat police meetings I’ve been to, the community residents and police sit across from each other and they don’t really communicate.

Tonight’s and next Tuesday night's Chicago Metro North and Northwest suburban edition of Public Affairs [see below for the airing schedule] features Gary MacDougal, a former highly successful Fortune 1000 CEO and McKinsey & Co. partner who chaired an IL Governor’s Task Force in the 1990s that moved about 600,000 people off the welfare rolls into the productive work force. 

You can also watch tonight's program featuring Gary MacDougal discuss the issues with show host Berkowitz by clicking here.

MacDougal has studied, among other items,  the root causes of Chicago’s homicide and shootings problem for more than six months, including interviewing drug dealers, gang members, community residents, church leaders, police, nonprofit leaders and city, county and state officials

In tonight’s show, MacDougal discusses with show host Berkowitz many of his key findings. For example, MacDougal says the root causes of Chicago’s “inexcusably high number of murders and shootings,” include drug infested neighborhoods, dysfunctional families, union dominated, non-performing monopoly public schools, a dearth of successful role models and very few jobs accessible to young people.

Moreover, there is a leadership deficit at the Governor level, Chicago mayor level and at many other political offices, agencies and entities that should be dealing with the city’s poverty problems but aren't making much of a dent in the problem.

Morale in the Chicago police department is terrible and there is virtually no trust by the communities on the south and west sides of the police.  Fewer than 18% of Chicago’s homicides are prosecuted and a much smaller percentage result in convictions. In short, every day, someone on the south or west side of Chicago “Gets away with murder.”

There are many resources in federal, state, county and city agencies that could be used to solve these problems. But these entities are “Silos” that never talk to each other.  If one person had the power to prioritize and redeploy the use of resources, these problems could be solved.  Sadly, that person or task force charged with doing that doesn’t seem to be on the Horizon.

You can read more about the problem in MacDougal’s WSJ article here or find out more by watching tonight's program featuring Gary MacDougal discuss the issues with show host Berkowitz by clicking here.

Tonight’s and next Tuesday night's Chicago Metro suburban edition of Public Affairs airs in 24 N and NW Chicago metro suburbs at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 19 or 35, as indicated below:

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