Watch Berkowitz w/Neal Sales-Griffin, Chicago Mayoral Candidate, on CPD Murder & CPS sexual abuse, Cable & Web

Tonight’s City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features Chicago Mayoral Candidate Neal Sales-Griffin, a 30 year old high tech entrepreneur who grew up on the South Side of Chicago.  The program airs throughout Chicago at 8:30 pm and Midnight on Cable Ch. 21 [CAN TV].

You can also watch the program featuring Sales-Griffin, who has both Hispanic and African-American ancestry, 24/7 by clicking here.

The program also airs tonight throughout the City of Highland Park at 8:30 pm on Cable Ch. 19

Neal Sales-Griffin, one of ten candidates for Mayor of the City of Chicago, debates and discusses tonight the issues with show host Jeff Berkowitz.

Among the issues discussed are (1) Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s lack of leadership over the last seven years, as perhaps best exemplified by the run-up to and aftermath of what many would call a Chicago policeman’s murder of Laquan McDonald and (2) the more than two hundred, credible complaints by CPS students of sexual abuse, harassment and rape by CPS teachers, staff and volunteers during the seven year term of Mayor Emanuel.


Jeff Berkowitz: [A few years after he graduated from Northwestern University in 2009, Sales-Griffin started his own Company]  The name of that Company was?

Neal Sales-Griffin: [Code Academy-which became] Starter League in 2012.

Berkowitz: What did that company do.

Sales-Griffin: We taught thousands of people how to build software and start their own companies and get jobs.

Jeff Berkowitz: You ran that company for how long?

Sales-Griffin: 5 years.

Berkowitz: And then you sold it. And, what do you do now?

Sales-Griffin: Right now, I run a non-profit and I am a Professor at Northwestern…and I help a lot of people out across a lot of different boards I serve on.

Berkowitz: And, what’s the main thing you are doing now- as of today's taping- June 7th

Sales-Griffin: I am running for Mayor of Chicago


Neal Sales-Griffin: We have a leadership problem in the City of Chicago… a travesty [This ridiculous problem of the more than 400 complaints over the last decade of sexual abuse, harassment and/or rape at CPS, only recently disclosed to the public]… we have a Mayor who we need to replace and we have a Chicago school district that has had failing leaders time and time again, we have one of our CPS CEOs in jail [Barbara Byrd Bennett], another one who had to step down because of ethics [Forrest Claypool]…so if we are going to put all of the power and decision making unilaterally in the Mayor’s office, but then put a Mayor in office that we don’t trust…to actually make the right decisions, to be honest, to be open, to be accessible, to be real and transparent, to be upfront when something’s wrong, rather than trying to hide it- hoping that people don’t discover what the problem is—before he can actually get in front of the news-then this is on us.


Jeff Berkowitz: What’s Laquan McDonald doing? You have seen the video.

Neal Sales-Griffin: He had been slashing some tires.  There are some issues with—his disruptiveness, he is walking down the middle of the street…

Berkowitz: What’s the weapon that he has?

Sales-Griffin: He is holding a knife.

Berkowitz: What’s the size of the knife?

Sales-Griffin: It’s a relatively small knife.

Jeff Berkowitz: A three inch pen knife.

Sales-Griffin: … But the report of the event did not match up with what had actually occurred. Police officer Van Dyke shot Laquan McDonald

Berkowitz: As soon as he got there, right?

Sales-Griffin: Less than six seconds, [Van Dyke] gets out of the car. He shot [McDonald] 16 times...

Berkowitz: So, was it a mistake. Did Officer Van Dyke have a report that there was a dangerous situation there and he had to run in there and shoot? Or, why do you suppose Van Dyke shot Laquan McDonald?

Sales-Griffin: It’s become really obvious that that was a horrific situation and it was essentially what would be equated to a murder in many people’s accounts, by most accounts.

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